johari weirdness

G'day all!

Well my trawl for different increases (without googling for them) didn't work very well apart from one response - thanks for the info, Chris!

I was visiting Pocket Farm when I came across this johari window thing. Basically it gives you feedback on how others perceive you. Scary thing! Only when I look at the list, none of the words are particularly negative (not to me anyway) - most are very kind words, and the rest are well who really cares if I am introverted? I don't see that as bad. This is a feel good exercise, not a knock em down game.

So if you want to do a johari window on me, pop along to here, and then you can set one up for yourself!

There is also a darker version, the nohari window (makes me think there are no hari krishnas allowed!). It contains negative words and quite frankly, I am not up for criticism at present - I can do a perfectly good job of that on myself!

Oh, knitting? Umm, yeah, I've been knitting more sock. I'l take pics eventually but I am not going to be about much for the next three days - tomorrow is super busy, Friday I am helping run a conference, Friday night we have the conference dinner and the conference goes all Saturday.... Plus I am reorganising the stash, if you can call throwing it all into plastic tubs organising. I want to be able to stack it up. You would weep if you saw how much novelty yarn I have - I love playing with the colours and textures. At least I might redeem myself a little in the eyes of the "serious knitters" by having two large boxes of wool and handspun - not quite an equal amount wool as little polyesters and nylons (they are so nice to pat!) but I do have two enormous tubs of fleece and numerous boxes all to spin up....

I'll show you a little sock stash. Why not?

Half of my sock stash sorta fitted into this Krusty the Clown bag. Hmmm.... I shouldn't really get more sock yarn for a while, nor any yarn unless it is for a specific project. Will that stop me? Will I buy more yarn? Is the Pope a Catholic? Do fish swim and birds fly?

Next on the needles is going to be this

self-striping sock yarn I dyed myself (oo err!) from some Knitpicks yarn. I hope it turns out as luscious as it looks....

I am starting to think that I might need to finish off some projects. Maybe I should finish off as many projects as possible during the Commonwealth Games. I have two bags full of stuff that needs to have the ends darned in, the back knitted, most of it knitted, the sleeves finished off, seaming, etc. But for the nonce? Getting the stash into tubs sounds good - I've discovered some moths in the brown rice container, the sort of moths whose grubs eat food and abseil from the ceiling into your dinner (ICK!!!) - do they eat wool too?



  1. You're welcome. :)

    Oh, the yarn you dyed yourself is lovely! It will be fun to see it knit up.

    Joharis are weird. I've tried them once or twice for blog folks, and it really makes me realize how little I know about the essential qualities of someone whose blog I read...

    Your stash doesn't sound out of control to me, BTW.

  2. Pretty!

    But in the interests of true yarn p*rn, you should lay it all out properly and then take pictures of it!

  3. Putting your stash into plastic tubs is so organising it!! Mine is now in ten large (lidded) tubs with labels on them.

    As for increases, I must admit that I nearly always do a knit in the front and back of the stitch because I actually like the look of the little bump, there is something regular and soothing about it. I can't remember when I last needed an invisible increase.

    Good luck with the conference, sounds hellish to me!

  4. Ooh pretty sock yarn :-)

    Plastic tubs are a great idea for stash storage. We did that here but found we didn't really have anywhere to put them. Stash is now divided up between the sideboard in the dining room and 2 large flat boxes in the bedroom. However at least I do know where everything is now!

  5. Ooooooooh I love that sock yarn!

    I have been dying yarn again myself of late. Using the method of food dying that you told me about. Loving it.

    I keep my yarn in zip lock bags in two HUGE tv boxes in my girls playroom. oneday I might get plastic tubs. But I am thinking I would take up three or four of them.


  6. Wow, your self-striping yarn turned out great. I can't wait to see what it looks like knit up!

  7. That sock yarn is sooooooooooooo delish.

    Can't wait to see it knit up.


  8. I too would love to see all of that yarn spread out and photographed. I'd also like to see what kind of storage tubs you decided on and where on earth are you going to store them???
    I want some but can't think of a storage place.

  9. *gasps* I want fuscia pink and yellow yarn! Seriously, I've written it down as a colourway idea on my flouro pink paper :)


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