A tale of acquisitions

G'day all!

Well the poor old budget is shot to hell and back. Here's why.

Over the last few weeks, I have been eyeballing some rownspun four ply at cucumberpatch (EVIL EVIL Sknitty for introducing me to the link ;-). Then I may have mentioned this to Peevish, who of course hopped on over and induced me, I say induced me to buy some!! (She says *I* induced her but we know the Truth!)

So I hopped onto ebay for the first time in ages, postiiiiively ages - like well over a month cos I had been avoiding cucumberpatch frantically along with all the other evil yarnpushers out there (mainly cos I keep buying yarn from Jessie (poor woman isn't even getting to put half the yarn up on her website that she blogs about cos of people like me)).

And the colours we want in the Rowanspun are still there. $USD20 per packet, free postage. Hmm.... Well what am I supposed to do? Other colours have gone but the ones we want? It's serendipity, I tell you! So I ordered it what on Monday?

On Friday (that is only yesterday - it feels like forever ago!) I found a couple of parcels at the front door. And you know what? I didn't even open them on the spot! Y'see my sister was coming around and I had to do the dishes and the kitchen floor and the benches and the vacuuming and some more tidying. Then we went out to catch up with Nathan's parents. He still has parents and that is a very nice thing. Oh, we went out after my sister left. We don't have visitors and just walk out and leave them. ;-)

Finally I got to open the parcels. But I only ripped one open, to find these two lovelies:

(from Jessie). The other parcel had to sit cos well it wasn't going very far and I was dead knackered.

Don't the new two ones look nice with verdant, some yarn I got a month ago from A Piece of Vermont?

This morning I opened up the second bag.

In it, I found

Good lord! The Rowanspun I ordered! What a surprise! LOL. Not that the Cucumberpatch sticker on the front was a giveaway or anything...

Turkish, Temptation, Slate and Sugar. One bag is purely Peeve's and one is purely mine and two are shared. Can you guess which colours we are sharing? I admit to being surprised that two of the yarns are very tweedy - it was not obvious from the picture online. Or maybe I am plain dumb. Plus I was extra surprised to feel how coarse it seems - it didn't prickly me mind, but I expected something more like summer tweed, lord knows why since they are different yarns...

Poor verdant got jealous of the new yarn and made a bold bid for freedom,

but I saw it! I grabbed it and returned it to the safety (??) of my lap. Not so fast, sweet verdant, I have plans for you! And I have plans for your leftovers as well....I reckon the three yarns will make a fab gradated fair isle sock when mixed with a good contrasting colour. (pic not clickable - you don't need to see my poor irritated corn that I've had since childhood)

Of course at the same time as all this yarn is rolling in, I am desperately trying to knit up this hat in the yarn I dyed two years ago (progress was slow cos I stuffed it up several times cos I am making up that pattern as I go along but I am now on track and need to choose an edging from Nicky Epstein's "Knitting on the Edge" - this is to say it is not Grumperina's most fine hat cos I went top down as I don't know how far the yarn will go) and I need to make a thing or two more for Project Spectrum, which I haven't even blogged much about yet.... and there is the Sock that Rocked, or in my case was frogged back to the first row after the picot edging was caught in cos for some unknown reason in the fourth row I decided to not do one repeat of the pattern correctly....

Oh, the last thing killing the budget? $300 of Rockport shoes last night. Nathan's cost $200, but that was cheap compared to the previous pair at $370. Yowza! I would take a pic of the old vs the new pair but someone left the camera on all day after downloading pics.... My bad!



  1. Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv the yarn.

    Can't wait to see it in it's completed transformation.


  2. Lurvely yarn!!!!! Glad I can be a good influence. Isn't Cucumberpatch fast though?? I'm amazed every time I order from them. Jessie was quick on the draw too!

  3. Ooh, yarn envy! Cucumberpatch are brilliant. There are way too many great yarn pushers out there :-)

    Reeling at the Rockport prices here - OK I am known here for having a thing about buying boots, but I now feel very virtuous having found folks who happily spend WAY more than I do on footwear :-)) I am guessing Rockports are darned fine shoes though ....

  4. Oh, Cucumber Patch. Deadly. Deadly. but oh so speedy!

    Yowza, are those shoes made of gold or something?!

    Thanks for sharing the yarn purchase pictures - I love to live vicariously through others. ;) (Not that it ever stops me from buying stuff...)

  5. So lucky - the yarns are beautiful. Haven't gone yarning in awhile - trying to use the stash - but I feel the urge.........oh no........ebay....must not go on ebay..........

  6. Oh, the Reed colour on Cucumberpatch's site - I have some and I need more. I might be brave enough to buy something from overseas now - spurred on by your obvious confidence and success!!!
    Those shoes - the last time I spent that much money it was on a vet's bill for The Labradors!!!! You can't afford to actually wear them!!!


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