G'day all!

I wish I was as energised as my Rocking Sock in Cedar Creek. This is an old shot and a not very good shot - the camera is being completely uncooperative at present...

Can you see that the sock is twisting a bit? Apparently the STR is energised. I've spun energised singles before but always taken care to not have energised plied yarn. Energised singles are fun to knit with and apparently the plied energised yarn is a bit tougher, which is good for feet and socks.

(Am I allowed to say that whilst I love the turquoise, I don't particularly like the poo brown and baby poo yellow - it reminds me of the Hawthorn Football Club too much. Their colours are brown and gold and they try to get away from the "poo and pee" colours by mixing them with navy.)

(Will you all kill me now and steal my sock yarn? NOOOOOOO!)

The sock is now past the heel turning and I am galloping through the gusset area. Picking up the stitches for the gusset took about half an hour - I am slow at it, but now that I have vast slabs of stocking stitch I am flying. (Now I wait for the vengeful Knitting Goddess(es) to strike me down)

This morning as I waited for a connecting train, I saw these:

BAWOONS! (I've been known to squawk BAWOONS! in a crowded train. V. embarrassing - I try just to say it in my head thse days but sometimes it just pops out before I can stop it...)

And in the backyard, at the very same time I give you

an eggplant, or for those who like it a bit French, an aubergine (I grow them every year and every year get two or three fruit, but generally the slugs get them first... ick! Nothing like picking an eggplant and sticking your finger straight into a slughole....)

and some apple flowers? Apples flowering in March may not be off for you guys in the northern hemisphere (except if you live where it is still snowy), but it is autumn here and this poor apple has popped all its buds! I guess it went dormant with the hot summer and it is programmed to flower if it puts out new leaves....



  1. I see what you mean by the poo and pee colours - you'll just have to think cheetah which is what I did when I saw them. Turquoise is pretty though!

    I loved the photo of the eggplant and the apple blossom. It has been too cold here to plant anything yet but when things warm up a bit then I can get to work on some growing things.

  2. I've had homespun twist on me - fustrating at best. But I must say, I'm mostly jealous of that Eggplant!!! Love me some Eggplant and can never grow them here - and slugs!!! slugs are the most disgusting, unnecessary thing I've ever seen - what do they actually do? What are they good for? Do they serve any purpose at all other than to gross us out and ruin our beautiful veggie gardens????

    I don't want to say anything about the poo and pee colors - I've been down that road with a babypoop colored sweater, and once someone puts it in your head, even it you put it in your head, it never goes away.

  3. Just saw your comment! *bounce bounce*

    Oh, that poor apple tree - it's in for a rude awakening.

    I'm not thrilled with the color of the first skein, either. But, while it's not exactly my color, I think it will work for socks for a family member. There's a particularly unfortunate color of Opal Handpaint that's brown and yellow... Ewwwww!! When I saw it, I immediately dubbed the color "Bodily Functions."

  4. I think growing aubergines to feed slugs is a top idea - I mean, what the hell else do you do with them? They are inedible raw, and vile when cooked. Can you dye things with the skins?? I know that chokos are nature's little joke, but aubergines come a VERY close second!!

  5. Yes, that is poo colored. Eww.

    Beautiful flowers!!

  6. I seem to be drifting towards autumn colours when looking for the next sock project but have yet to work out how to get these colours with food dyes!
    The Kogo Beanie was Baby poo yellow and khaki but I liked it in the end(doesn't say much for me does it!)
    Just finished dying another lot of wool and will do last of corredale this arvo hopefully with a photo record of how I did it!
    Eggplants! Never eaten and liked them yet but aren't the colours gorgeous!And Poor Apple Tree,theres one next door that neighbours are trying to kill.......

  7. if you want to get rid of the slugs, particularly around your plants, put out a shallow dish of beer or soda. they can't belch, and they'll explode! or sprinkle them with salt (they squirm and wriggle)

  8. I had to laugh at the Hawthorn being poo and pee colours!! I never noticed that before! I will have to tell my older sister! She is a Hawks fan!

    Mmm I am with you on the colours..the Turquoise is gorgeous though.

    I call planes at night (all light up) OooFos (UFO's but said differently)..I have to stop doing it around my girls cos they started calling them that! lol

    This year a lot of fruit trees here in Tassie produced almost nothing if nothing (mine produced nothing)...And my walnut tree doesnt have much on it either).


  9. seashell9:13 am

    very rarely reply to blogs. how wonderful that people the world over do the same stuff.
    my mum ( 601/2) still yells "look , moo cows!" her youngest GRAND child is 9 years old!
    aubergines... the bits my vegan daughter picks out of her food.
    Glad to hear they are good slug traps, Im trying to grow them for the first time ever, and I HAVE An ample sufficiency of slugs ( and dislike of aubergines ... ) cheers, michele.


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