argh! Post three for the day

A new record! Three posts in one day!

I have to get rid of all these links. You guys can read em or ignore em. But now I'll have a record of them without bookmarking them. Most are medical sorts of things cos that is one of my main interests.

Some people are more susceptible to caffeine than others and this is associated with higher risk of heart disease.

Skipping periods might be good for you. And I ain't talking school here.

An oldie but a goodie. JenLa's Stash Wars.

DVT due to sitting still or poor quality cabin air?

More evidence that the Aborigines (original inhabitants) were not stupid savages. (Anyone who can survive in the Australia outback can't be dumb!)

Lots of other good stories on the ABC site (locally known as Aunty, and nothing to do with any Merican broadcasters - Aunty is the govt owned and operated broadcaster) - follow the links to all science news or the sort of news that fascinates you. It can keep me busy for hours!

Thanks to Karen for this one - Knitter's Anonymous.

Kitten War. Need I say more? Yes - Cats In Sinks.

My Johari window. Go tell me what you think of me! (Thanks to Darrow for already doing so - we agreed on one point!)

B5 podcasting.

(And if you are still here at this stage, Vicki, yes Bruce is an absolute god in person. Like he *radiates* Gobsmackingly handsome. The camera doesn't capture a bit of it. No wonder his wife decided he was the man for her - you would, rightly or wrongly, put up with a lot for a smile from him.)

Ok, this time fer shure!



  1. Yep. Bruce is quite devasting in person! Saw him at the Wolf359 con (1998 eep), and very close up at a signing for his first SF book in Manchester. In fact I have both of his SF books signed :-)

    I reckon frogging is a perfectly valid way of getting rid of WIPs. If you don't like how it is turning out and would never wear it, then recycle it!

  2. Thanks for the Podcast link!! Bruce Boxleitner was great in The Scarecrwo and Mrs King and I have vague memories of Bring 'Em Back Alive. He has made some woeful films!!! Despite that, you are right, he is a hunk!! I have never and will never see him in real life so I have to content myself with digital copies!!!
    Hope Tuesday is a better day for you!!
    Love 2paw and
    Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey and
    Peri Naughty the Golden Labradors

  3. Anonymous2:38 am

    I see your Kitten Wars, and I raise you ...


  4. You've probably seen it before, but put on your cuteness overload filter and visit:

    The Silly Sleeping Pose Olympics

  5. To answer your comment on my blog yes I still have the PO box

    I so miss Babylon5! It was very good!!



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