The suspenders are killing me!

G'day all!

I've "sat" on this yarn for days, a week, or more! I can't do it any longer! Argh! I must share it with people even if the recipients see it on the blog!

Here's some sock yarn, 80% wool, 20% nylon, dyed up in jeweltones.

Does anyone know who this is for?

Some 100% buttery soft merino dyed up in brights - this is outrageous macaw colours. Gosh I had fun dyeing this lot up with food dyes.

So who gets this lot?

And there is this, a birthday present for a friend:

But before you get too excited, Peevish, there is also this, birthday present for another friend:

So who gets what?

(note I am not posting this because I want to gloat - indeed, I want to KEEP all this yarn, not give it to people but life is tough and then we die. And I am teasing people. I am a bad bad girl. But I will get my just desserts - tomorrow I have to go back to work. Blah.)

Have a great week! I have to start working on my WIP wipe-outs and also do the Project Spectrum stuff - more on that later. Unlikely to be tomorrow cos it is Mythbusters night, and Depserate Housewives and Commander in Chief and we desperately need to go shopping....



  1. just a note to say a) i am still here, reading, and alive, just not with much to say and b) that merino is gorgeous!

  2. Ooh I covet the parrot-colours yarn :-) And the rest actually :-)

  3. Ooooh! Which one is for me????

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment! It is too funny that you recognized Steph in her Mermaid, I knit one in the exact same colourway and we both only realized later that we both lived in Toronto, and only a few blocks apart at that.

    I am so loving the macaw colourway... sigh... we need some brighter colours here like that, I'm so very tired of winter...

  5. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That yarn is absolutely delish.

    I bet you want to keep it all.


  6. Ooooh can I have it all!!! lol. Its all gorgeous!

    What did you use to dye the wool acrylic? Was that fooddye? I didnt know you could dye blends.


  7. Thanks for popping by my blog :-) Your dyed yarns are gorgeous, how clever are you?! :-))
    Sal x

  8. Your colours are so excellent!! I hope we see them knitted up by the recipients!!!One day soon, maybe at Easter I WILL dye some wool!!!!


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