April Fool's! part 1

G'day all!

Guess what it is today?


So here goes... Be warned this post has lots of pics but NOT one shot of sock yarn! I've already done that recently.... Oh and this is part one of two. In this post I tantalise with great boxes of yarn and stuff, and only hint as to their contents, though I might flash the handspun (don't you love it when you do a typo like nadspun?) and the fleece stash.

The Stashomat in the corner:

Nathan made a seedling raising stand, then discovered it didn't work so well for raising seeds. It works really well for holding yarn. :-) This is about half of my cotton stash. On top is some handspun. There's some interloper wool in there too.

The shelves with various things on them, fleece, handspun, yarn-to-dye, dyeing stuff, beads, and oh did I mention fleece and more fleece?

The tops to dye stash:

The colourful tops to spin stash:

The spun tops:

Some more handspun:

The main stash.

In the next post, we go stash diving.... Be afraid, be very afraid!



  1. Hmm, suddenly I don't feel so shameful about my stash. I'm normal!! ;)

  2. Yep, I think my stash is small and needs adding to, now I've seen your pics :-D We now have a second shop selling yarn in town! And they have stuff like RYC! Visitation tomorrow with high hopes of bringing back, er, more yarn. DH is pretty much accepting of the slowly expanding yarn mountain now :-D

  3. OK, that's possibly bigger than mine, I think... I have ten of those plastic tubs and maybe one or two packets of wool elsewhere, but that's it right now - so Ithink you win! Of course the two of us together would not match Her Majesty Karen the Stash Queen, mistress of all she surveys!!!

  4. ooooooooh I just love the spun yarn!! Gorgeous colours!

    Where do you get the yarn you dye from? I am still on the hunt for some great yarn to dye! I have gotten a few from op shops..some off ebay...Even some $7 for 50g balls of baby wool from LYS...But I want some nice regular yarn I can get that I know all the info about ;) lol

    Your stash is bigger then mine perhaps? Actually..I am pretty sure it is.....Well I hope so anyway!! lol Though mine keeps growing even though I try to stop it!


  5. There's more??? :) (Pot, kettle, black).

  6. OMG! I don't have a stash - no really! I have about half a dozen balls of sock yarn, enough DK and Aran to make a couple of jumpers and less than a kilo of undyed or dyed tops. Oh okay, maybe there is a little stash there but I don't rate at all compared to you!

    So I'm 'having' a stash vicariously! It's a lot of fun looking at everyone else's (and relatively guilt free!) :-)

  7. I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally enjoyed the peek at your stash.

    The spun yarn is beeeeeeeeeautiful.

    And there's more...........


  8. At least yours is beautifully organised, mine is lurking everywhere around the house in scrunched-up plastic bags ... am supposed to be doing an inventory for Stashalong this weekend, if I can nerve myself up to do it

  9. Beautiful Stash--and I wish mine was as organized as yours!!


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