Our new arrival

G'day all!

Everyone else is having babies at present so we thought we should get in on the trend. We are proud to announce our new arrival.
4 kilos
Nearly 70cm (!!)
Remarkably brown considering her paleface "parents."
Not yet named (suggestions welcomed).

Isn't she beautiful?


Look at that baby go! Greased lightning! (And I only have shoes on cos we are outside and after the bee sting in April I am a leetle paranoid)

Yep, Felicia guessed truly. (Go check out her "sweet shop" - it looks totally luscious and I want some!) I now have a lovely Majacraft Little Gem2. I was really struggling between her and the Suzie but the Suzie Pro is not as portable and if we go to England, this baby can go as cabin luggage if I am lucky. I would not trust the luggage dudes not to bust a spinning wheel - I've seen how they handle luggage and it is SCARY! Admittedly the guy who saw me watching him unloading stuff started to not throw the bags over the top of other baggage but... I was very curious to see what he would do with the cello. (it was handled carefully) Anyway, this little wheel is the last forever worth of birthday presents from my father - some of his estate money will pay for my new baby :-)

I have to blog the pics from Wendy Dennis' place now, but they will have to wait until I get another chance to blog. Pics are all ready to go though.

The Christmas lillies are all starting to come out now. I bought random lillies two or three years ago - I love bargains and $1 plants are a magnet to me. I am a bit picky but some of the old fashioned plants and any native is almost irrestistable. So this lilly came home with me - all I knew was it was a very sad looking lilly and now look at her!

Oh, good news - we lose the cable here next Wednesday and our new home will get it on that same day! We were sooooo lucky! It should not have been on until sometime in the new year (no phone no cable for WEEKS! but no, we will have both before Christmas! happy happy joy joy!)



  1. She is most beautiful. You could follow the example of too many celebrities and give her a really duff name, but I am sure you will think of something suitable and tasteful. (Galadriel - being slender and beautiful and woodland-like?) Reading spinning blogs is inspiring me to start up again after several months hiatus.

  2. My daughter, the Majacraft Rose, has brought me nothing but joy. I hope your new addition does the same for you.

  3. Congratulations!! You are going to be spinning like a fiend now. And I KNOOWWWW, the Sweet Shop makes me drool. Haven't gotten anything yet. It always sells out like lightning. How nice of your dad to support your addiction, um, I mean, hobby. And I'm so glad you'll be hooked up at the new place.

    The lily is Gorgeous. So lovely.

  4. Congratulations! She is beautiful! =)

  5. Those Kiwis make some great wheels, I have a Pipi(pretty but don't use it, a Wee Peggy and an Ashford Joy (for taking to Guild and spin days) but my Aussie Ettrick is the best for plying.I had a Windwheel and an Ashford Traditional but I try to keep the numbers down. Tempted by Majacraft though.......


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