Stinking hot, and knitting a woollen shawl?

G'day all!

Well 2005 is doing its best to go out with a bang. It is 42 degrees outside, and I ain't talking fahrenheit here, I am talking celcius, so that would be hmmm, nearly 110 f. I am glad I don't live in Ouyen cos a) Ouyen is one of those small towns that is well past its prime and b) it was 45 there today. Ack!

So why am I happily knitting a woollen shawl?

One of the lists I am on showed a link for the Tasmanian Spinning Guild:

When I followed it, I was told this:

"User Not Found

The account you requested cannot be found. You may contact the page owner if you know this is a mistake."

That is verbatim what the page says. There is no hyperlink for the page owner, no emailto:, nothing. So if I knew the page owner personally, I might indeed email them but as I don't, I don't think I'll bother. As it turns out, the lady who forwarded the link does know the listowner and emailed them.

Too drippy hot in this study. nathan turned the fan off cos it is interfering with the long phone discussion he is having. It is 35 inside, except in the loungeroom where the old airconditioner is wheezing away trying to get the temp below 30.

Here's what the weather bureau had to say about the temps in Melbourne at 5:30 this afternoon:
Melbourne * Temp 42.1 Humidity 6% Max temp recorded 42.9 @17:14

Moorabbin AWS * Temp 41.1 Humidity 3.5% Wind N Max temp recorded 43.0 @16:48
(Moorabbin is the closest to us)

I went out earlier on so I could enjoy the airconditioning in my car and also, so I thought at first, to enjoy the airconditioning in the large electrical retailers I wanted to visit. Pity that their aircon had given up the ghost.... Anyway, as I walked through one carpark (having made 20 very thirsty and dry pigeons move so I could put my car in a shady spot), I could feel my eyeballs drying out as I walked into a northerly wind that felt like it came straight from Hades. That is when I know it is really hot - when I can feel my eyes dessicating.

Once I have stopped melting I will get some pics of the shawl and tell you all about it. I am very pleased with it so far cos it is looking really good and I made it up all by myself. Hooray for me!

I'll talk to you in the New Year :-) Have a most excellent and safe new year, wherever you may be!



  1. I know exactly how that eyeball dessicating-feeling is! It happens here in the summer and fall. It's so hard to knit anything in that weather, too, outside of air conditioning. Blech. Go sit in an A-C'd coffee/tea shop for a spell!

    Happy New Year Lynne and Nathan!! Party on.

  2. As the British press might say "Phew what a scorcher!"

    Happy New Year (and happy New House!) xx


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