Going going....

G'day all!

After all the threats to move the computers over the last few days, today is finally the day. The cable goes off here tomorrow anyway. Hopefully it will be on on Thursday at the new place, nicely in time for Christmas!

If you are expecting reply mails from me, please excuse me cos we are still flat chat getting the rest of the stuff out. You would not believe how much we have to take to the tip and recycle place.

I admit I did a little spinning yesterday whilst Nathan played the piano. It was very nice.

So if things go horribly wrong and I can't blog before Christmas, have a most excellent day and I'll talk to you



  1. hopefully you'll get this before you disconnect, but i was curious about the whole CAP thing? i was only able to mail 2 squares, but i did send some snowflake earrings i had crocheted a few years back. have fun with the move!

  2. i ordered your christmas cheer today! yes, i'm behind and then with the trip to Oz it's going to take even longer. I hope you get it sometime in the early new year!


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