Packing Hell

G'day all!

I am in packing hell. I am starting on the final packing rather than the stuff you can do earlier. Argh. Yuck. Dying! Too much to pack! Too much useful stuff to put in boxes and bags. At least the gas can be read on Friday so that we can have gas on the weekend. Woo hoo!

Gas, power, water, phone/cable - any other utility I've forgotten about? Don't think so.... Assuming all goes well, settlement is in TWO days. Then we are truly in debt but we'll have a house that only the bank can throw us out of!

One person has guessed truly on what the mystery item is, but I don't have time for pics today. Of course over the weekend I think we will lose both our cable internet access and the phone, and I don't know when they will be put back on. My exhousemate is arranging the phone and cable cos Optus are hopeless and despite me having authority to deal with the account will only deal with the original account holder, who has not lived here for what three years? This is going to get really dire - no phone but worse, no internet!!!! How will I survive?

Some links for you:

Wendy found these very cute gardens in an egg. They are me but I don't think that Customs/Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service would like them. They get very fussed about things coming in from O/S.

I was going to post a link to some yummacious yarn but I won't cos I want to BUY IT ALL MYSELF! Except I can't afford to. Mortgage and associated costs (even the cheapest possible way means that we still have to pay out a couple of grand to get everything going). Sniffle.

A blog that I have not come across previously, which is something to do with above mentioned yarn.

(As I typed some of these links I could hear Nathan vacuuming. He loves the Dyson. Something to do with it actually picking up grot rather than vaguely spreading it. It makes vacuuming fun! I love a man who vacuums. You can quote me on that.)

Another knitting mag, Knitting Fog. A little one this time. Interesting.

Plus a new spinning mag, spindlicity. Well worth a look for you spinsters out there.

A history of merino> sheep in Australia.

Some of these fibres look yummacious, particularly the blue/green/oceany one. Drool. I'm doing lots of drooling online at present. It's a stress response - look at pretty things instead.

No pics today - too much to wheel spin over. I am suddenly in ohmigod, I have WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY too much packing to do. And Nathan is stressed too cos he keeps running off to do stupid unnecessary things.



  1. I love my Dyson! And coming from someone who avoids housework like the plague, that's saying something. Good luck with the packing - having moved so many umpty times in my life I have sworn that I am NEVER EVER moving again, though the way the house is disintergrating I may not be able to quite make that.

  2. Keep packing! It won't be as bad as you think. (Have you packed the wool yet?)

  3. Best of luck for tomorrow!

    We love our Dyson too! We got it at the same time we had new carpets downstairs, so they were never subjected to inferior hoovering :-D Ended up having to order a new hose as ours split near the top due to so much use.


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