G'day all!

Have you ever suffered from that horrible sinking feeling as you run across the road, that horrid feeling that you are getting a little more air than you would like? That the elastic is not gripping so well? That if you keep running you will have an incident involving makeshift fabric ankle irons? Or perhaps you become aware of unsightly rolling across the bottom area.

Welcome to WUS - Wrong Undies Syndrome. Yes, that marvellous knowledge that you should really have not worn those undies with that outfit, particularly the older, less elasticky ones with a skirt that sits just where they do. Mmm-mmm, are you feeling wussy right now? (That is a *very* personal question!)

Onto more mundane things, like blocks. Scusi the size of the pics - they are detailed and do not compress well.

Here's the lot so far, excepting the 2.5 I got done on the train today:

Now I have to make more cos this is a particularly pathetic cushion cover - 3 by 25cm square blocks of 12 5"/12.5cm blocks - let alone a woeful afghan.

If you guys out there are knitting away, I hope to have someone in the LA area to sew stuff up. Maybe one of you knitaholics can arrange a sewing party at one of your funky yarn shops!

I have to get this link about all sorts of breeds of sheep off my tabs. Firefox is running slower and slower cos I insist on having about 30 tabs open and my ancient G4 Mac doesn't enjoy it one bit. Plus this link about making coloured bubbles, but special one coloured bubbles, not multicoloured ones, with disappearing dye and EXPLODING LABORATORIES! (that was the exciting bit of the article - I've been watching too much Mythbusters and I'm all excited about BLOWING THINGS UP!!)

My garden pics for the day. Do you like my corn? It is about a month old now and starting to grow like mad.

I have to feed and water it lots in those boxes.

Finally, your flower picture:

A white xerochrysum. I love the way these strawflowers photograph. They are one of the most photogenic flowers I know. They are everlastings and have a particularly strawlike feel and sound to the flowers. They dry very well too.



  1. ok, darling, how do i get my name on a square?

    and i've got some snowflake earrings i could mail to laurie. hope they aren't too kitschey for her


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