Quick one

G'day all!

I am still humming and harring about the thing for our favourite Crazy Aunt.

What am I talking about? Well I'd really like to get an afghan together for Laurie before Christmas *this* year. I thought it would be nice for her to get something from a heap of knitbloggers. And knitters and crocheters, whether or not they blog. If people can make something with 5" squares in pink and join it into a small rug, and I can find someone in LA to put it all together, that would be grand! Each square should have the knitter's or crocheter's name on the back so that she knows who it comes from. Then she'll know that there are people out there for her. It doesn't have to be beautiful and all match - not matching is good cos it shows the diversity of people out there and we don't all match (matching is nice but not completely necessary).

If any SnB groups or knitty groups are able to put some squares together for her, that would be great :-)

If not, she's going to get a rather small lap rug that I am madly knitting. 8 squares done so far and available for sponsorship (donate to your favourite charity and get your name on the back of a square). I have to finish it by next weekend to get to the US in time - for some reason mail to the US from Oz takes about 10 business days. No idea why...



  1. I can help out by knitting a square or two. Let me know the details as you figure them out.

  2. thanks for the invite! i'd love to join in by knitting a square, however, I'm across the country from LA, and so can't help with the sewing together part. Any details yet?

  3. I would also like to contribute some squares. Please let me know where to mail them. I would also be happy to help with assembly if you need someone in the states, however, I am on the East coast. (my apologies if you got a similar note before this one, I tried to send one last night too)


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