Yes, I have more fleece but...

G'day all!

Everyone reckons I bought fleece. Well I didn't. But I have more fleece.

Just over a kilo of raw Polwarth fleece from Wendy Dennis.

See how many colours I got? There's at least 8 different ones, but I think I missed getting a pic of the silvery one.

Here's a closeup of the crimp of one of the whites:

My kncukle is about an inch long, so you do the maths.

It (the fleece, not my knuckle) came free with something else I bought. Can you guess what?

For those of you up in the snowy, icy or otherwise cold parts of the northern hemisphere, I give you pictures from my garden, taken yesterday.

The first tomatoes. I admit this little cherry tomato bush had unripe little tomatoes before I bought it but I've never had tomatoes ripen before Christmas. Last summer the things didn't ripen at all.

One of my very favourite roses. Mary Rose has survived a LOT of neglect, starting with
a)an exhousemate who ripped her from the ground most cruelly ('but I asked Nathan,' said ex-housemate, and he said "whatever Lynne says."' Like as if it was Nathan's plant to deal with and as if it was pS's choice to make after I had flatly said "I do not want *MY* rose moved!") and
b) a husband who thought she is in a big pot and should get enough rain when stuck under a large (supposedly miniature) maple.

Strawberries in progress. The first ones are running a bit late I feel.

Very shortly my garden will be quite different.

Another final clue for what I bought. The inside of the bag. No it isn't a sheep cover, or a fleece cover. :-)

Any more guesses? If you guess truly I'll post more pics from the trip to Wendy's place. She has a magnificent homestead - comes from marrying into the family of an 1860s wool baron.



  1. you've stumped me. all i can figure out to stick in that would be a laptop.

    and i love cherry tomatos! my sister and i used to walk down to our veggie garden in the summer and pick them. they'd usually all be gone before we got back up to the house.

  2. OMG. you have tomatoes and it's December?!? That's amazing.

    Is the bag for a Majacraft Gem?!?

  3. The fleecies and the flowers and veggies are ALL beautiful; however, since I'm not a spinner I am absolutely clueless about what came in the bag. I bet it's something very good for a spinner though!!

  4. An outside tomato before Christmas!! Well done! When You Move, you can come and dig up some of my strawbs to plant at The New House - if you chuck a bit of water at them, they fruit lots - I've had fruit for 5 weeks at least!

  5. Oh my, my my! Seeing that rose makes me feel the warm summer breeze. Magnificent. It looks like a peony more than a rose to these blurry eyes in very cold Maryland in the US.

  6. I've been getting strawberries for several weeks, but then it's last year's strawberry plant that never fruited last year, so that might not count. My two tomato plants are only getting bigger and bigger, not producing any flowers even let alone baby tomatoes! OK, if it's not a fleece, is it a travelling wheel? A camera shy lamb? A dead body? SPill the beans!!!


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