More Christmas goodies

G'day all!

Well today was the day we were meant to hand the keys back for our old house.

Only the real estate agent shut at THREE.

Guess what time I got there?

Pretty obviously not before three.... but not long after three either....

Is the place perfect? Nope! But the venetians are cleaned and we have receipts for the steam cleaning and the general cleaning. Deal, estate agent! Plus I have done the grass, poisoned the weeds with EVIL weed knockdown and paid a nice man called Dennis to do the front strip.

Anyway, we are now officially over Koonawarra St. Now it is all our own place we can fuss about.


Let's have a look at my other Christmas goodies.

An old family friend bought us an electric knife. nathan is very happy cos now he can use Mum's old one for carving polystyrene. Nathan's lovely aunt saw a most remarkable book on orchids and bought it for us.

(click on the pic if you want to see a bigger version of the book cover)

Now we have a his and a hers version of the orchid book. LOL

My good English buddy Elspeth sent over a most bizarre toy.

Its head wobbles from side to side if you put it in good indoor lighting. I don't have good lighting in here so it isn't wobbling.

Now I know that simple things amuse simple minds, so call me simple. One of my favourite presents was the Kris Kringle at a friend's place on Christmas eve. Which of the two items do you think I can put on my workdesk and not get censured for? (if you want to see what happens when you squeeze one of them, look here)

Oh whoops, no knitting again! I've been washing and cleaning and fixing up the back yard for OVER A WEEK now and you know knitting has had to take a back seat. I've done a fair whack of spinning though cos it doesn't seem to matter much that my hands are as rough as really rough things at the moment. I am covered in bruises amd scratches too - we've been getting pretty darn beat every day for the last 12. Even our day off on Christmas day we were exhausted.

Now I can tire myself out on things that matter much more! My own place. Woo hoo!



  1. aint' it great to have your own place? there's some security in that, i can't explain it. if you want to put a log spike in the wall (that's a nail that's about 12 inches long and 3/4 of an inch thick), you can. if you want to paint it purple and magenta (god forbid, lol) you can. woot!

    one thing. the link to see what happens when you squeeze whatever it is is not working. i wanna see!

  2. The squeezy link is working.

    Woo hoo!!!! Guess which item you should put onto your desk?

    Your right!! THE SQUEEZY ONE!!!!



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