G'day all!

Well what a pleasant Christmas. I know Christmas is about giving, not getting but lookie what DH gave me:

Woo hoo! Now I can listen to podcasts and music and the radio and stuff on the train! Look how wee it is. It does so much stuff - it can even record inputs including voice - and is Linux compatible too!

Happy happy joy joy! It is the bestest present he has ever given me and was something he did without my knowledge whatsoever. He was feeling very cunning, and particularly peeved when I told the girl in the supermarket that he didn't give me presents. I now take back those words. (Did I give him something? Well I would've if I could find it! Someone stowed it for me and I can't find the flaming stuff!)

May Santa, or at least your nearest and dearest, have brought you what you want too :-)

Back tomorrow hopefully with more about Christmas, an Australian Christmas.



  1. Merry Christmas, Lynne!

  2. I got an iPod, too! Won't we have fun listening to knitting while we knit!

  3. Cool present! Kudos to DH!

    I love my little mp3 player, it doesn't have radio but it will record voice etc. - have been plugged in to it a few times at work recently :-) Boss can't say anything - he's the worst for sitting with headphones on :-D

  4. cool beans!

    merry christmas, lynne et al!

  5. It's amazing how little all these little techno-doohickeys are. Between cameras, mp3s, and the associated tiny memory cards, our entire zillion-dollar Christmas (with 3 kids) could just about fit in a shoebox.

    Enjoy it.

  6. Wow, that thing is much smaller than mine! It's so tiny!

  7. Hi It looks you had a great Xmas, I had a relaxing one, didn't give whatsie for the mess,but got a bad migraine in afternoon, (I suspect it was the soxk knitting).
    How lovely to hear of HD going out and getting such an ideal gift( I had to point out to my boys what to tell Dad but he still dragged me back in to shop to make sure that he got it right.(am dropping hints for a gift voucher at my local and only wool shop for Valentines Day! or an order from Bendigo mills,as I don't want to dye my handspun stuff yet)


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