G'day all!

Since when did I get old? You would think I am ancient the way I am hobbling about. I have tried antihistamines and skin salves. Had to go to the dr this morning about my poor leg. It is interesting colours, mostly reds and pinks. Dr says I have a skin infection and even a little ulcer! I so lucky! I thought that old people and people with diabetes get skin ulcers. Now I have antibiotics again. I have a pic of it for those who are brave, but I'll put it at the bottom of the post, LOL! I can show you this cos the pic doesn't reveal it very well - my right ankle is a bit swollen. I even had to loosen my already loose sandal by two notches!

puffy ankle

A very kind stranger sent me this:

Blue Faced Leicester roving

And this colonial superwash:

superwash sock roving

and a little superwash merino tops. Verra nice. Once I am technically not on bed rest with my leg on two pillows I will start playing with the fleece. Yes, I am supposed to be lying down with my leg up (not over!) and I can tell you that when the rest of you is fit and healthy, lying down all day long is quite boring!

BTW, can anyone tell me where colonial wool comes from? No, I just googled it. It is unspecified English breeds raised in South America. OK. That will be why we don't seem to have it here in Oz.

Here's some stuff I picked up from the Alpaca Shop (of course I went to the Alpaca Shop in Central Tilba). Three lots of huacaya alpaca and one of suri (the chestnutty-blond Mirabelle in the lower pic on the right) plus a flutey/recordery thing for Nathan:

new alpaca fleece

more alpaca fleece

I don't think you need to see the white yarn I bought - some merino supreme seconds, half a kilo for less than $10 (normally $6-7 a 50g ball) and some much rougher NZ stuff that I wouldn't put near my skin.

Whilst we were away, I started on my new top, only mine is in pink cos that baby poo gold colour would make me look very ill indeed:

And here is a pic of a sleeve. Note that I have added a repeat of the lace to the bottom of the sleeve:

pink sleeve for new top

Wish me luck - I am converting the body of the pattern to a knit in the round and there are over 300 stitches plus I have to read every second row backwards and swap any purls to knits and vice versa (?yarnovers? I don't think there are any in the "purl" rows). At least I have a lot of little stitch markers to use to delineate every second repeat of pattern now. I made some up whilst lying on bed.

The cats shared their new favourite chair for about 20 seconds. Nutmeg has taken over this chair as her own and will usually fight Cheshire off. Check out the way Nutmeg (on the right) is looking at Cheshire.

two cats sharing the chair

Finally, here is the picture you have been fearing.



I think it looks worse now :-)

my gross leg



  1. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Ooooooher, that leg looks nasty. Sorry to hear you're laid up - can you at least knit, even if you can't spin. Love the pattern - sleevy goodness looking very good. Good luck with the knitting in the round for the body. I tried that once, then went to straights above the armholes, and my tension was visibly different. So the whole shebang ended up in the frog pond.
    Take care of yourslef. Jill.

  2. Oooh that looks OUCHIE!!!

    And Harley is doing great thanks for asking. She bounces back within a few hours from having a seizure.



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