Moving - one word

G'day all!

I only have one word for all this moving we are doing.


Followed by a whole lotta expletives. We have moved almost everything except for some kitchen stuff and obviously the computers/study. They will go shortly.

We have so much stuff to find places for. Thank heavens that the local govt in our new area does a big blue bin of recyclables - we'll be filling ours for the next few weeks I reckon.

We are going to cough up $400 to get the place cleaned. It is easier than having to clean two houses in one week plus clean up the garden here. I still can't believe that we moved into a dirty house, like grotty from end to end. It hadn't even been vacuumed.

Wish the people who said they would call back would call back so I know whether to go with the first ones I called.

OK. Time to go and do more dumping Stuff into boxes and loading them into the cars. I am soooo over all of this. Next time I move, I will dejunk well in advance.

Knitting? Spinning? who has time? Cooking? Don't ask about it - last night's dinner was burnt oven fries (and I have YET ANOTHER BLISTER on my hand from burning myself on the oven tray) that I dropped on the floor (yes I did cry cos bad enough they were burnt but now they were totally inedible and I was starving and it was after 10pm and I had had ENOUGH!) and lamb chops and peas and corn. I would so much like a decent Lynne safe meal. My current state is permanently hungry and exhausted.



  1. I've moved so many times now I have established Rules. I guess most of these are too late for you...

    1. Hire movers for the furniture. I know they seem like an unnecessary expense, but after hiring movers once when I was flat broke but had a wreaked back, I was surprised to find the time and energy they saved me outweighted the cost by miles.

    2. Book a carpet cleaning service and take a small kit of cleaning stuff. It's always easier to get the carpet cleaned in an empty house, and you never know what nasty surprise was hidden behind or under a piece of furniture.

    3. Pack a picnic basket with easy meals that don't require refridgeration, energy providing snacks and LOTS of drinks. Pack some moisturiser, hand towel and nice soap, too. Being able to wash your face with something that smells nice is sheer bliss after moving dusty boxes.

  2. You're almost there! Moving is the pits - we hired someone last time. We just couldn't face it. I'm glad to hear you've hired cleaners. Good for you!

  3. Feeling very bad for you re the food situation, wish we were closer, I'd be bringing you GF food parcels!

    At least you have got cleaners for the rental place, that makes a huge amount of sense. The suggestion re carpet cleaning for the new place sounds very sensible too. We inherited some dire carpets in this place and all but one of them have now been replaced (do you remember the awful old gold carpet in our lounge?!)


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