Images of an Australian Christmas

G'day all!

Some pics from yesterday. OK, so we can walk outside at Christmas wearing only tshirts (and often wishing that we could wear a LOT less ;-). Melbourne was pretty cool, temperature-wise actually - probably because we did not have a roast. It was cold meats, roasted veg and salads all the way. If Barb had organised a roast, it would have been stinking hot, like around 35 (nearly 100) and somewhere around 50 in the kitchen, like a Christmas 7 years ago when some friends brought around a 5 litre bucket of icecream (say 1.5 gallons) for four of us, and the stupid thing didn't fit in my freezer....

So let the pics roll on!

(No pics of the seafood entree - I forgot to take any)

Christmas table - cheers! (the pic on the wall shows Nathan and his little brother when Nathan was about 9)

Christmas spread:

My plate (no salads - couldn't work out what was in the "It's italian dressing"):

Note the weirdness of having jelly (jello) on the main course plate. Whacky Canadians - we had four from Toronto lunching with us. They eat pumpkin for dessert. And they call Australians a weird mob - at least we don't have sweets for dinner and savouries for dessert ;-) I can't wait to visit Toronto and see the milk bags that go into the jugs. And fondle yummy Canadian yarn.

Dessert - traditional

Dessert - easy peasy!

Nathan and I "entertained" the masses - at least Nathan played the harmonium and I sang rather badly. Note that I was knitting a fluffy scarf and singing. Eventually FiL joined in.

No pics of the men falling asleep in the loungeroom, or once they had been ousted, the ladies :-)

All in all a very successful Christmas!



  1. Love the annotated food pics!

    *applauds the knitting and singing*

    Just giving my hands a rest after cleaning the bathroom here, ready for the Boxing Day lunch onslaught!

  2. Happy Christmas Lynne! Looks like you had a good one and not too hot which is good! I remember those very hot Christmas days - not nice.

  3. Okay, I am a Canadian and do not do any weird jelly salad thing at Christmas ( or any other time) but pumpkin pie - come on! Have you tasted it? Heaven. I always think the American sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top is kinda weird.. just what you're used to, I guess. Looks like you had a great celebration!


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