Guess what I got?

G'day all!

Well it has been an interesting weekend here at Weedhaven. The interesting part was not the time I spent at Weedhaven (ie home), it was the driving around and talking to people. On Saturday i drove around and talked to people in different yarn shops. I didn't talk to the lady in Sunspun cos I find Sunspun intimidating - very pricey but then what do I expect from a yarn shop that sells Rowan in one of the "better" suburbs of Melbourne? But then I went to calico and chintz, a new shop in Auburn (right under the railway line, literally, in Auburn). I really wanted to get some Artyarns but I can't justify $16 for a 50g skein of yarn that is just nicely dyed merino. I had a good chat to one of the owners, Beverley. She has some Dale of Norway yarn and some rowan and some nice bits and pieces. I bought a little something to make up a jacket for a new little boy (though I am starting to wonder if *I* like it too much for me!). She is interested in getting different yarns, so I wonder if I should connect her up with some of the smaller producers around the place that I know of? Then over to AK, cos AK2 doesn't exist any longer. AK smells of mothballs too much, and any long time reader of this blog will know mothballs make me ill. But I had a good chat to the owner of AK out on the footpath and she told me lots of interesting stuff like having one of the big UK dudes out here in early autumn to do some workshops. Then I popped over to Marta's and chatted to Pat there. Pat's starting to bloom quite nicely now - she's obviously pregnant now. She has a lovely cat called Nick, who is beautiful but I won't say any more cos someone might acquire him and that would be very sad for Pat who has had him for 15 years. Last night I watched half of the BBc verison of "Pride and Prejudice." Ah, what a lovely show. Oh! Mr Darcy!

Today, well I could rabbit on about today for hours, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what I bought today!

Here's a hint:

And here is another hint, a better one this time cos I didn't buy a Polwarth sheep, not even one in a natty coat. It is a really bad pic cos I took it of the said exciting item as it rode in the back seat all the 160km or so (that's a hundred miles for you imperial types) home:

(I was in the driver's seat at the time but I was not driving cos we had stopped for a drinks break.)

Can anyone guess what I bought?



  1. A fleece!! A fleece!! Maybe? Dedication is driving 100 miles to get fiber. I totally understand that! I am going to sign up right now for Frappr. Now. And I'm hoping to get some pinky-superwash yarn at a LYS event I am attending this evening for You Know What. Busy busy. When are you moving?

  2. it looks like you've kidnapped one of those little dressed up sheep and belted her into your car!

    and i saw these and thought of you:

  3. hmm, that link isn't showing up, too long i guess. let me try again.


  4. I am quite disappointed that you did not get a sheep. A fleece - if it comes from a sheep with a natty coat it will be a nice fleece and hopefully not full of all the **** that the fleeces I inherited are.

  5. a fleece, a fleece, everyone knows it's fleecy (for those of us who know what it is, this is sung to the tune of hte slinky jingle, lol)(i'm tired, gimme a break)

  6. Oh yeah, it's gotta be a fleece!

  7. a Fleecey fleece!! Yay!!! Just stopping in to see what you're up to and to thank you once again for cheering me and your concern a bit back - I don't know if I thanked you, but I'm thanking you again and I really appreciate all info, kind comments and referrals you gave me!!

  8. just thought i'd let you know i'm sending on 2 squares (sorry, can't get more than that done in time, lol) and a pair of kitschy crocheted earrings (yes i made them) to le joiner for CAP. rock on (and pack on, lol!)


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