Here again

G'day all!

We are back online! Hooray! Except we have a little networking problem cos DH can't find the hub. Ooops. It will show up but until then, no pics. There may be no pics anyway unless I use the blogger pic server cos I am not sure if my server is online over Christmas.

On the subject of moving? I hope now that Nathan realises that it is not easy to move yourself with the kind help of two or three friends and the odd hand from the rellos. We still haven't cleared the garage. I went and hired some self storage yesterday but they are shut for three critical days over Christmas. We haven't cleared the yard yet either. And it is going to be 36 today!! today. Like nearly 100 for those of you in the imperial age. We got the house clear on Wednesday night and boy that was horrid. Every time you thought you'd finished, voila! Something else appeared in a cupboard. At least I can stick a lot of the stuff from the garage in the back of my little weeny car - just take the parcel shelf out, lay the seats down and I hav e aweeny little wagon.

On knitting - what is that? I have been moving and lifting and shoving things around for days but I haven't seen my knitting since last Saturday. I have spun up 100g of stuff in the last week but I've had no time for crafting. No Christmas knitting this year - moving is too important.

On Christmas shopping. Erp. Umm, no time for shopping either. I bought some meat for the cats. Does that count? I have to get meat for us too cos we have four lamb chops and a little rack of ribs and that is it!

On the price of petrol (gas for you North Americans). $1.18 a litre. It has hardly dropped from the high of $1.20 a litre on Wednesday. That is the equivalent of over USD3 a gallon. Admittedly it is the equivalent of about 50p a litre in English terms. I doubt it will drop any further over the holiday period.

On our phone and internet company. Our new phone line got installed yesterday along with the cable. The first message on our voicemail was a reminder from the phone company, dated Wednesday, that we were getting the internet on on Thursday. Ummm, hello? We didn't have the phone on when the call came through.

On our mortgage provider. They want four clear business days to set up the first payment on the 1st of January 2006. They send the mail on the 20th. We get it on the 22nd. Today is the 23rd. One business day. They won't be open until the 28th, if then, 28-30th December - 3 business days. If we faxed it back today it might get processed in time to take the first payment out on New Year's Day, except the banks won't be open for two days anyway. So we will ring them, get their account number and transfer our first mortgage payment to them by online banking. BTW, we don't have a fax machine. Thanks, mortgage provider for thinking ordinary couples who don't run a business do have ready access to a fax. Also, thanks for sending out the form letter without thinking about it being Christmas and the fact you will be SHUT for days around Christmas, and hte mail will be non-existant too cos they will be not working either. It is after all Christmas.

And I didn't get to celebrate the longest day. I was too busy clenaing out the old house. At least I have cleaners to clean it for me - I couldn't stand having to clean both houses in one week. Mental note for self - if we ever buy another place, insist that it be professionally cleaned from end to end. We moved into a house that hadn't even had a vacuum clenaer run over it. Talk about feral!

OK, enough ranting. I am glad to be back online, at least partly.

I hope your Christmas preparations are going better than mine! 8-)



  1. I have been following your adventures!!! Hope the move is all finalised happily!!! Merry Christmas from The Labradors!!!

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  3. Anonymous4:55 am

    There are two things you can do in the week before Christmas which guarantee you an exemption from Christmas preparations - move house or give birth. So don't worry about the lack of shopping etc. - just enjoy being in your own home. Jill.


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