Crazy afghan plan

G'day all!

Just letting you know I have a snail mail addy in LA for any crazy squares to be sent to. Rememeber, 5" squares in something machine washable, just so it doesn't have a nasty little accident if it does go in the washer! I need your email address though if you want to send squares cos I won't post someone's private snail mail addy on the net.

For those who want to sponsor a square instead of making one, send me your details and I'll make sure you go onto the list of contributors! Two of you I know want to sponsor a square (make a donation to charity, let me know) so I'll get your names on squares asap cos I hav eto send my contribution like yesterday!

If you don't know what I'm talking aobut, read down my blog over the last few entries :-) That's all I'm saying!



  1. Yikes, this is the first mention of machine washable. Most of what I have done is wool or wool you still want them?

  2. I have pink yarn and needles... Let me know where to send a few squares and I'll get 'em done quick as I can. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Hope it's going well -- very sweet of you.

  3. um, i forwarded the snail mail addy to a friend. if that was wrong, i'm sorry. she's erin @ a really cool chick that lives in just bout the same city as me! go say hi!


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