Squares, squares gone away

G'day all!

Well my batch of 21 squares should be in LA by now. Doesn't mean that they are through customs mind you. Here are the last what umm 9 squares:

I had lots of fun doing the gradated colour ones. They look very jerky but in person they are quite smooth. I've not yet found a digital camera that doesn't get overexcited by reds and lurid pinks. I had lots of bits of yarn left over so I decided doing colour blends would be fun. And it was and now I want to do MORE! I want to have colour runs that go through all the rainbow over something as big as a bedspread. OK, it would be lurid but oh imagine the colour!

So I had one night without knitting after making all those squares in a week and then discovering I can't find *any*, not one!, of my yarn needles. I have so many darning in needles and blunt ended bodkins and every time I finish a project, I go and buy more. I had to use a crochet hook instead and it was Not Fun.

Why is it that the useful things disappear but things like envelopes, useless opened envelopes, seem to breed like rabbits on my desk?

OK, tired. Too much work and too much Stuff To Do at home. Bed time now. Oh blessed bed. Maybe I should write an ode to bed too. Or an ode to lost bodkins.



  1. I love the colours on your afghan squares and bless you for having to use a crochet hook to weave in - my useful things always seem to be wandering off as well. I honestly think the cats hide them on me...

  2. every time the useless envelopes breed, they must replenish their energy by consuming darning needles! just like the dryer mostly runs on electricity, but 1% of its drying energy comes from eating socks. and not both socks, just one sock of a pair.

  3. Boy, you are one dedicated person to get all those squares knit up in only one week! Crazy!

    And I know exactly what you mean about the useful things. I regularly lose my tape measure...

  4. Responded to your email and now to your blog: I had the very same needle problem last night. I know I have one in the coffee holder of my car (for knitting on the road, of course), but I wasn't about to go out in the cold and snow and get it. What about the dozens I had left over from a knitting class? Gone. All gone. If my Fuzzy Feet aren't finished in time for Christmas, it's the needles' fault.


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