You know it's cold when.... sit by the little halogen bedlamp to graft the heel on a sock and the light makes you feel warmer.

G'day all!

It has been a week. Most definately been a week. But now it is the weekend here. Hooray for the weekend!

I am most pleased to announce that one of the pastel socks is FINITO! Yay sock! It has taken me almost exactly a month to knit these beggars, yet I've done the cuff of one in the last four days. Weird, huh? Normally the second sock drags.

Pics? Maybe tomorrow if you are lucky. I want to have both socks finished before I take a pic. Plus I should be able to get pics of the not very mystery mystery large FO. I modelled it for the craft night mob last night. It isn't perfect but it looks pretty darn good. I have to block the front bits - the rest is snug enough that it doesn't matter.

Many thanks to those of you sending warm our way. It seems to be working - it was a bit warmer today and indeed at the moment (9:30pm) it is warmer than it was for all of Wednesday. Admittedly it is only 9 degrees but that is better than 4 degrees and feels like zero.

So now that I have two projects (almost) in the finished and wearable basket, what should I do next? My clap in sherbert Lion and Lamb? A Tivoli tshirt? Another pair of socks goes without sayig for my train knitting - I have some reaalllly purty yarn K gave me ages ago - such pretty colours but it should STRIPE! I didn't realise it should stripe! It came from Need More Yarn". Don't expect to find much in the way of sock yarn on the site cos K just wiped out a lot of their stock. LOL. Need More Yarn also does spinning stuff.... hmmm.....

I'll stop rambling. Let me know what you think I should knit next. Have a great Friday and weekend! Next time I should have pics :-)



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