A boxy present

G'day all!

Happy birthday to my next up sister.

How would you feel if you got this box in the mail:

Ratty nasty looking thing isn't it? You can even click on the picture to get a bigger picture of a ratty box!

It is very very cold here at the moment. It has been around 6-8 degrees all day and when I went out at lunchtime, in the warmest part of Melbourne, aka the City, it was 8 but it felt like 4 degrees. That is fridge temperatures, folks! Outside right now it is like being in a fridge and feels like ZERO! Brr! No wonder why I am having difficulty breathing when I go outside - my poor lungs are getting really cold air (cos I can't easily nose breathe and warm up the air through my crufty sinuses). Even inside it is cold - the heater can't keep up with the loss of heat out the walls and gaps in the house. We are wearing hats and coats and scarves! But not thrummed mittens cos you can't type with them on. The unheated part of the house is about 7 degrees. BRRRRRRR! Send warm soon! You guys in North America keep saying how warm it is - we need some of your warm!

I've knitted about 1.5cm of the other sock's cuff. Hooray! If I knit for one whole train journey (about 25 minutes) I can get about 10 rounds done. This means the other sock will be done in about another week. Then I can do the heels.

Still no pics of the new mystery Finished Object. It does exist!

I have ideas about a new yarn storage device. Will let you know whether it works. Plus when it gets warm enough to go out into the garage, I can work on some wooden knitting needles and see how they work. The hoop pine one I've got at present is luverly, but the tas oak one needs some more sanding (read a lot of sanding). I think the hoop pine will be too easily damaged, but the tas oak will be pretty tough. I have lots of Ideas at present but no time to execute them in. Dang!

OK, so before I showed you a pic of a mangy looking box. Here's what is inside:

(you can't see the extra white merino tops or the hand-spindling book underneath.)

How do you feel about the ratty box now?

Thanks for your suggestions - I've put in a couple of lumps of polwarth, but there is an awful lot of merino cos that is easy to come by here (surprisingly cos we only have about 100 million of the blighters here - about 5 sheep for every person!).

Mmm, time for a bit of puss on lap. Nut is even purring as she sits on me - she is a hard one to get to purr sometimes but I guess she is as cold as I am!



  1. I'm beaming you our warm weather - it's supposed to be in the 90's today - beam, beam, beam. Lovely box - who cares what the outside looks like when there is so much beauty on the inside???

  2. I hear it snowed in Melbourne today. We still have too much heat and humidity and are getting sick of it( and can't breathe due to the accompanying smog) Still, I'd rather have warm than cold. Stay cozy, curl up in that box!

  3. Weather is fairly good in the UK, we've had sunshine, a bit of cloud, temps around 20 - 22 C ... certainly warmer than 8 degrees (or 4 with wind chill). Cold air plays havoc with my lungs at times too. I am thankful we had the central heating boiler replaced last year, and it will keep the house no lower than 15C even at night when the main heating is off. Used to have trouble on cold nights and have to bury my head under the duvet!

  4. i also heard there was snow down under. did you get any? i feel for you, honey, ihate cold too! and i can't wait to see the mystery project

  5. Hey! You tricked me... :-) That box really was full of goodies wasn't it? Very nice!


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