G'day all!

I am a bit of a yo-yo today. Up and down. Had to run through the rain (nb it only rained for 12 minutes and I was out there for 8 of those minutes) to get to the station this evening. I had left my brolly at work. At first I was peeved but then as I ran down an alleyway almost totally blinded by rain in my eyes, a splat of half melted hail on my cheek, water on my glasses and the sun reflected into my eyes, it became FUN! So what if I was getting wet and couldn't see 2cm beyond my own considerable nose? It was FUN!

But now I have come home to a house with a STRANGER in it. There is someone IN MY SPACE! It is wrong, WRONG I tell you! Yep, our new housemate has moved in. And the stove is already filthy and there is too much crockery in the cupboard and it is WRONG!

So I take solace in my new brightly coloured socks. And I blog the WRONGness that is everything but the socks. The socks are very right. I think I am going to call them my rainbow lorikeet socks - not my Trichglossus haematodes socks (bloody brush tongue - like YICK! Who thinks up these names???). Hopefully the socks won't be as noisy and belligerent as their namesakes, but let's face it, if I were a bird I'd want to be a rainbow lorrie cos they seem to have fun all day long and they dress in marvellously bright colours (the rainbow lorrie pic is a little way down the page on the right on my browser. And yes that is one of my trip pages. Deal ;-).

Since I don't have new pics for you to look at and marvel at my new socks in progress (I've only done the shortrow toes so far), here's a few pics from our trip last March. So long ago now!

I've forgetten the name of these cliffs, but they are only about 10 minutes north of Eden. Nathan and I spent a night in Eden - it was pretty spesh!

A typical Aussie beach, certainly typical of East Gippsland, 300km from home. Beach stretches on forever.

Sometimes there are a few rocks in the way of the beach. But not often.

We stopped at a little creek, calls itself a river but we know better. I had such fun photographing the reflections. I have a fascination with reflections.

Well that's yer bloomin' lot for the night, so



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