A very windy day

G'day all!

Now firstly, I hope that noone out there has been badly affected by Katrina - looks like she had one helluva big partay in New Orleans and she's also trashed Mississipi and lots of the rest of Louisiana, so hopefully you and ya'll are ok.

We've had a very windy day here, on both a personal and local level. The wind was so strong this afternoon it nearly blew me off the train platform! One thing that most people can say about me is whilst my head is in the clouds, my feet are pretty firmly planted on terra firma. I am not wispy or delicate in build. Today though, that wind was gusting at gale force and it is really hard to stay upright then. Gusts have been clocked at around 100kmh or 63mph. There are warnings for Storm Force winds tonight (I had to capitalise that cos it really needs to sound Important). Storm force is stronger than gale force, so lordy knows what that means - probably we'll find either our roof gone or someone else's in our yard in the morning!

Very Important News - this blog is interrupting the ribbing on the thecond thock. Yeth, we have wibbing on the thecond thock. I would've finished the sock on the train tonight if I had been able to remember what sort of ribbing I had done, cos the train sat for nearly half an hour whilst they fixed up some power problems where the train and tram cross over at Kooyong. Trams run at a different voltage to the trains and when things stuff up apparently it can get very exciting indeed!

After the ribbing is complete I can choose what form of afterthought heel to do - any thoughts?

I am dying to start swatching for my handspun, hand-dyed socks a la Twisted Sisters. So excited!!! But maybe winding the yarn into balls will help me when it comes to knitting the socks - at present it is in skeins....

I've created a little button to set up a link to my yarns page but I may not get it functional tonight (takes about 10 seconds but I am stretched at present). I have to update that page with some better pics and new yarn. Plus I think I need to link to a currency converter - the Oz dollar is currently buying about 75 US cents, 41 new pence or 60 eurocents. What about buy it now buttons on stuff even if you can't buy it now now now cos I need to work out shipping, etc. Worthwhile?

Speaking of spinning, here is some of last week's endeavours - more bright clowny stuff!

Now I don't think I have reported much on the weekend's endeavours. I reckon I'll just show some pics from the treeplanting expedition.

This is the sort of land that forms the backbone of South Gippsland's dairy farming area:

hard to believe it was rainforest, eh? At this time of year it is lush and green but by late summer it will be bone dry and brown. BTW, the little dot in the paddock is me down the bottom of the hill. It was a cracking hill too.

Tree-planters getting organised - the little racks hold 24 tubestock plants cos the little uns grow best. In the background you can see the spots where the banks of the gully have been sprayed. The farmer is trying to reduce erosion on his property and improve downstream water quality. What a guy!

A waterfall about 100m back up the creek from where we were planting. Cute little fall, don't you agree?

Or maybe it is a bit bigger than it appears - DH is close to two metres tall and the waterfall dwarfs him.

Finally, the Lone Cow (cue spaghetti western music):



  1. That is so cool that the farmer wants to better his surroundings with a few more trees. Sure it's good for him, but its also good for the environment too! Woohoo!

  2. Those landscapes are just gorgeous! I always enjoy your shots of Oz and surroundings.

  3. Beautiful landscapes - makes me sad to think that used to be rainforest though. That picture of Nutmeg from an earlier post is HILARIOUS!! What a little monkey...

  4. Great photos. The brights yarn is lovely!

    Buy It Now buttons might be quite nice if they link to a cart/basket that will email to you once the customer hits "checkout". Saves people typing up orders in their email and possibly making typos and the like - this way you know exactly what they want cos you wrote the text for the item!

  5. That yarn has wild colours.

    Love the landscape piccies! And the "cue spaghetti western music" made me laugh but it was exactly what I was thinking.

    Its been really windy down here in Tassie for a few days too. HEAPS of rain also. Not that I am onverly complaining I love rain.



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