The sock, it doth progretheth

G'day all!

I don't think I've been so faithful to one knitting project since I was a kid, when knitting two things at once was outrageous, mainly cos I had one set of knitting needles.... LOL

The sock is a good 2/3 of the way up the cuff now. I have two more colour repeats before I do the ribbing. Hooray! I am getting mighty sick of the sock though and am starting to have unfaithful thoughts about a bit of polygamy, maybe with a Clap or maybe even getting the long abandoned pink top back on the needles with a new pattern on top of the lace edging.

Photos? Sock photos? You want sock photos? Egads! Too hard to get good shots cos it is getting too long to fit under the light of the terrarium (where I took the pics of the spinning I did the other day). I've spun up the rest of that lot of rainbow tops I did the other week. When I get enough light, I'll take a shot for you to show you there really are three lots of brightly coloured very soft handspun yarn.

If I am really lucky, one of you will spank me for my very bad title of the day.

Short one today - very tired and still must go for a walk. I learned about my company's version of 6 sigma today and how they use some of the methodology for working out processes and faults. Some people really couldn't get their heads around it and I can't blame them.



  1. One thing that's good about project monogamy is you finish those projects so much quicker when you're faithful! But being a little flirtatious with other projects never seemed like a bad thing to me!


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