G'day all!

Today is brought to you by the number 10.

Yesterday was brought to you by the number 4.

Tomorrow? Who knows?

Yesterday the lift at work stopped at level 4 for me on 6 occasions out of 8. Today it stopped on level 10 on 4 out of 6 occasions.

My pretty sock? Frogged! Only back to the toe. I was up to the heel but I figured that I needed a little more room in it. The yarn is a bit thicker than normal so I used fewer stitches but nope, I need at least 64 stitches to keep my foot happy instead of a bit snug in the sock. It is such pretty yarn (as y'all have said). I like it more than any other sock I have made so
far, plus the yarn is quite soft. Some of the sock yarn I have used is quite rough and tough stuff, meant to last but if I don't like the feel of the sock against my foot I won't wear it. My feet are tender little blossoms and need to be coddled. LOL.

BTW, sock was frogged at 4:45pm back to the toe and 9:15pm was almost back to where I was this morning. I've had a couple of hours to work on it at craft night. Amazing how much sock you can do with a solid bit of work on it.

Training is done for this week. Hooray! It tuckers me out. I have to push me out there someplace, project my personality out to illustrate what I am talking about, and that is very tiring, particularly for someone with my personality type. By nature I am retiring but you can't retire when you are training, you have to be Out There. After two hours of Out There, I have had enough for the day. So why do I do it? In part cos it is my job, but mostly cos I love making the connection with people, seeing comprehension dawn in their eyes. I'd prefer to use a more Socratic method to training but most people don't want to *think* about things, they want to be told what they need to know. They don't want to play with ideas and concepts, they want to be given everything on a platter. But that doesn't lead to learning. I love playing with ideas, what ifs - admittedly if I have time. If I don't have time, i either have to make it or I have to do the platter thing and just lay out the facts.

Interesting comment from a co-worker. He and I tend to be apolitical - we don't set up deliberately set up alliances or set groups upon each other. We don't like manipulating people. We don't see the point in backstabbing and social status. (If we need to we can both pull qualification rank - he was a surgeon in the USSR and has a PhD, I have a PhD, so if someone is pulling the you are stupid stunt, we can both wave our quals. uh-uh. Ignorant, unaware but not stupid) We try to treat everyone equally - a little more deference for the Important People at work obviously but everyone is the same. So yesterday morning he commented that I seemed happier since a certain member of our team moved, not out of our group, but out of our workplace. And he is probably right. The area has depoliticised, relatively, after it turned into a political workplace where social standing was important. You were in or you were out, and I am one of those people who are usually out because we don't want to talk about the latest makeup, hair, shoes (though I do like a good 1930s-50s style shoe, peekaboo toe, a little bow, a kitten or king louis heel), where the trendy spots are, how much I drank on the weekend and the nightclubs I went to, etc. I am a geek, a knitting geek, a spinning geek, and all that political guff just doesn't interest me. In the words of someone who was beaten up some time ago, why can't we just get along?

So today was brought to you by the number 10. Have to say it wasn't a perfect 10 for me but it wasn't too bad either :-)



  1. So tomorrow the lift will stop on level 8 on 4 out of 10 occasions?

  2. As long as the lift doesn't start talking to you, you're probably safe ... :-D If it turns out to have a Genuine People Personality, flee, run for your life :-)

    I am with you 101% on the apolitical thing. Geek here too. You will never find me routinely talking makeup, blah, nightclub, blah. I can't see what's interesting about how much someone drank and what time they fell over unconscious! A terribly fatalistic bit of me just thinks, "heaven help your liver" and "do you like hospital food?". Shudder!


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