Even further doth the thock progreth

G'day all!

Still no pics of my only, lonely current knitting project. The sock is only about one colour repeat from the top now. HOORAY! -- OK, I have about 10 projects I haven't worked on in ages in a my "current project" trolley and two second socks to knit up but they don't count if I haven't knitted them in several months do they?

Yes I really do have a "current project" trolley. My idea was that I could stick all the yarn I needed in one spot for my "current" projects and make that spot have wheels so it could easily follow me around the house (picture Lynne with a little lamby chrome trolley following her around of its own accord).

Well the "current project" trolley has been stuck in the loungeroom between two chairs since ummm, February I think. LOL In the mean time, things are getting less and less current. Like the lurid, clown coloured scribble lace wrap I was making myself. The monstrous secret project that I realised was totally foul after I had nearly finished it. The THREE balls of Lion and Lamb awaiting their elevation to Claphood. The laceweight Fibreworks in pink, cherry, mauve and purple that awaits its fate (I have no idea what that is now). The top layer is taken up by novlety yarns in pinks and creamy whites. I can't even remember what most of the stuff is on the trolley, only the stuff that regularly falls off the overcrowded shelves. I found some needles that I thought I had lost on the "current project" trolley.

Then there is the yarn stash lurking in the corner of the bedroom. It is full of yarn that I thought I would get a chance to knit into stuff soon, mostly things like pretty scarves and the odd shrug. It has yarn that I bought over a year ago. The "rubbish bin" of cotton that needs to be knitted up into summer tops. I daren't mention that a corner of the dining room is a metre deep in yarn.

I don't think I need any more non-project yarn at present. But that won't stop me getting some stuff at Knitpicks :-) LOL Totally hopeless.

What has caused this terrible overload of yarn? Umm, maybe a certain spinning wheel.... Yes, whatever you do, don't start spinning cos if you do there is no looking back! You too will find that all that knitting time at home becomes spinning time! You will spin up a storm, or at least a heap of yarn and then not find time to knit it all cos you are spinning so frantically! LOL.

So don't cross to the Dark Side lest you only ever knit on the train!



  1. OK, duly warned about the spinning :-) Note to self: must-not-get-spinning-wheel.

    As soon as I saw the word trolley it made me think of that Victoria Wood sketch "is it on the trolley". Great idea though. My current stuff sits in my knitting bag next to the sofa. next to your stash I believe mine is very restrained, and I shall use this argument next time anyone comments when I buy yarn :-D

  2. You have Lion and Lamb...ohh pangs of jeolousy :) No, not really.

    I try my darndest not to feel guilty, or that I "need" to complete a certain project, if it's been sitting still for a while. I want my knitting to be the one thing in life that can be done completely, and only, because it's what I want to do. It's OK!!

  3. Oh, the perils of spinning...perhaps I should hold off learning afterall. ;-)

  4. "awaiting their elevation to Claphood..."


    now, THAT is funny!

    I don't ever plan to take up spinning, though I do plan to buy you out of lamb and skein once I get free of my debt. So there!

  5. Your trolley sounds like a relation of Terry Pratchett's Luggage.

  6. Ha, ha, ha! Now you know about what stashes, plastic supermarket bags, and wire coathangers all have in common - they all breed in the night!! It was a standing joke here that the only rooms which didn't have stash in them were the bathroom and kitchen. Now that I have FINALLY gotten rid of the wretched off-spring, one of them dropped in the other night and made rude comments about the yarn on one of the kitchen benches!! At least the stash doesn't trash your life, unlike kids! Just keep spinning, dear, it's much less damaging to your long-term health than kids are!!

  7. la la la

    Yes I am about to go INSANE at work and wanted to pop in ... again.. stalk stalk .. and say hi. Spinning pics, please? Something? Anything?


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