No rest for the wicked

G'day all!

This blog entry is a montage of thoughts, or maybe a stream of consciousness. I don't know what I've done to deserve this week - not planned well enough I suspect!

This is promising to be another week! I carefully planned out what I need to do, then got into work today and realised that I had totally forgotten about a course that runs tomorrow from 8:30 to 5:30. Plus tonight was drinks for the recent Big Work Thang that was launched. I missed drinks cos I was prepping and let's face it, I can't drink alcohol so what is the point? Unless it is to laugh at the people who take advantage of the free booze.... Today I spent prepping for the Workshops of Doom on Thursday, Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday, tomorrow course - I lose one full day of work that I really needed to have. Wednesday more prep for the Workshops of Doooom, Wednesday night - SnB unless it is next week. Thursday - final prep and run the first Workshop of Doooooom, craft night. Friday fix up all the mistakes in the first workshop and run another workshop of Dooooooooom and Despair, leave work for my fortnightly desensitization injection, celebrate Nathan's birthday as his family all leave him alone to go to his uncle's 50th up in QLD. Saturday - flop. Sunday - treeplanting.

Why are these such aweful workshops? You try teaching 45 adults grammar. The ones that know it will be offended and the rest will be offended because it is assumed that their grammar is awful (in the current usage of the word, not the original). Now just because I have had specific requests made for the business letter writing course to focus on grammar and sentence structure does not mean the recipients will enjoy the process.

Today's trick question:
What is a knitting blog without any knitting?

My blog!

I managed to get past the heel on my sock today, but it is a cheaty heel cos it is an afterthought heel - I don't want to interrupt the colour flow up the sock. No pics again - spank me! I've been reading Lynne Vogel's Twisted Sister Sock Book and am totally inspired to make fab socks, only I need a little more time. Anyone got a spare few hours of the day that they could lend me?

As I scurried to the station late this afternoon on my way home there was a chap in a very expensive car, like probably half a million bucks worth of car, probably an Aston Martin, who turned left in front of me as I scuttled across the road. If I was that man, I would take it back to the dealership and demand that they fix it. The engine sounded fine and the brakes worked well enough because he managed not to run into the stopped cars after he roared off down the road, but I would be extremely disappointed that the left hand indicator doesn't work. It is just not good enough! I've noticed that the more expensive the car, the worse the brakes (they can hardly ever stop before the thick white line at an intersection no matter how much time they have to stop) and the indicator stalks must all fall off after three or so days because the indicators don't seem to work. Quite unusual because I thought you get what you pay for, but even your average Aussie car seems to have quite functional indicators, even if they do often act as confirmators rather than indicators.

Knit blog? umm, yeah but at least it has pics of a cat!

See this? This mutant animal with only one ear and a fuzzy green eye? This has to be one of the least flattering shots of Nutmeg I've ever managed to take:

At the time she was clinging onto my arm with her back legs cos I was rubbing her belly and she LOVES that.

Here she is with the belly-wiper going:

(I've just realised that the name of that photo will mean I'll get a few unusual hits on my blog. LOL)

Ah, whilst I think of it, for Dragon Knitter, here's a page on wattles - they are trees/shrubs with almost exclusively yellow flowers and are a feature of an Australian late winter and spring. The best specimens become totally yellow (often a fluorescent yellow). Plus a little bit of info about Mt Baw Baw. Baw baw apparently means "echo" though it may derive from bo bo which means big. My very small experience of Koori or Aboriginal words says that they often repeated a word to emphasise it. eg my primary school was called Mullum Mullum, and mullum meant place of eagles, so mullum mullum meant place of many eagles.

Finally, here is my new religion, as long as I can get the gluten-free, dairy-free version.

anon! or should that be RAmen?


  1. Whew - where do you find time to knit at ALL? I can imagine the whole adults and grammar thing. I too get exhausted after intense social interaction, so it makes me tired just reading your schedule.

    Those pictures of Nutmeg really made me smile. What a precious girl.

  2. Wow, I thought my cat was the only one who liked his belly rubbed. Believe me, my other cats hate it!

    Hope you get through the week OK. Just knit or spin a little, that should do the trick.

  3. LOL at your expensive-car observations. We have noticed a similar phenomenon here :-D

    I don't envy you having to teach grammar to adults. We had three solid years of grammar at secondary school (with the likes of box analysis). I don't believe many schools teach it as a subject in its own right any more. More's the pity as businesses do a lot of complaining at the standard of English (written and oral) of school leavers and the like. It's now being said that even those with fairly good exam grades have poor maths and english skills. No-one copy the English education system, it's useless!


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