Only one weekend?

G'day all!

What a weekend!

I was going to show you lovely pictures from my weekend, just a few highlights but dang-it, my image server is down because wierd things have been happening with the power supply at Monash, so no photos. Yet. Be warned.

Quick summary of my weekend - took boy out for dinner on Friday - he could choose whatever he wanted. What did he want? chicken and chips from Pinewood chicken shop. LOL Saturday morning - much running around looking for a me-friendly birthday cake and new bathers. New bathers v. depressing. Never been much of one for swimming anyway. More potting mix supplies for my roses, repotting of more roses. SIX loads of washing done during the day. Argh. Almost tshirt weather. Evening - v.pleasant - much sock knitting and possibly my favouritest (that's not a word, btw) ever movie: Star Wars. Still not impressed with the addition of the stupid CGI reptilian critters - much better without.

Sunday - treeplanting. Very windy but oh so sunny and tshirt weather! I planted a grand total of about 5 trees and made up racks of mixed plants cos the first thing I noticed as I planted those trees was that they had not been mixed up any so when the plants grow up there will be rows of this and rows of that. Had an interesting chat with the farmer. Slid in a mucky bit but Nathan far outdid me (more another day). Drove home, bought Nathan some potting supplies, kept on repotting the roses, finished the built up garden bed. cooked a fairly average dinner, downloaded 170 photo from this weekend...sorted washing from yesterday, did two more loads. ARGH!

Bed time now. Tomorrow another wonderful week at w*rk. Two more grammar and business letter writing workshops this week. I'll have to run at least one more in another week or so - so many people off work crook at present...

have a great week, wherever you are!



  1. Woo-wee. Was there any knitting at all? However, I bet you feel darn accomplished! I think I'll do some laundry.

  2. you have to come see the socks! i think they're cool. sounds like you had a busy weekend. i only wash 3-4 loads a week, but that's because i have an economy-sized washer, and the girl does her own laundry, as does the SO since he doesn't live with us. I LOVE MY WASHER!

  3. Hey, just because it was 22 yesterday is no excuse to go shopping for bathers!!! 22 in August probably means 42 in January, when, even if you have found some togs fit to wear by then, it will be too hot to cross whatever lies between you and the water (eg patio, beach etc)!

  4. My boyfriend would love you with all the Star Wars talk! He's a bit of a fan.


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