Daffodil Day

G'day all!

There seems to be a little case of the blogging blahs going about down here. Katt's got them, I've got a mild case too, if you hadn't noticed.

I seem to remember that around March or April, depending on where the northern bloggers live in North America in particular, people were totally sick and tired of winter. Over winter! Had enough of winter! Well I think we are at the same stage now, only we get it earlier and probably less hard cos at least we have green grass to mow, and weeds to pull out and flowers to admire.

Speaking of flowers, today is Daffodil Day in Oz. It is a major fundraiser for the Cancer Council. They get a few $$ out of me cos Mum and Margi did die of cancer (and most horribly too). I used to be the Heart Foundation charity captain at work, which means I had to razz the troops up and get them to support heart foundation fundraisers and Daffodil Day and lots of other charitable stuff at work. Then work reorganised its charitable program and the Cancer Council and the Heart Foundation were cut off the list. Can you tell that I am still grumpy about that? There has been a major health and wellbeing kick at work in the last year, and both those organisations have a lot to offer. But they don't fit the organisations's ideas of supporting the needy and sick kids. So I said no thank you, I want to work with groups that are making a long term difference not putting bandaids on things, and now only work with Landcare on the Powlett Project. I should some some photos of the places we have planted trees and shrubs and grasses - the change in 4-5 years is massive!

This next bit will indicate the level that my brain is functioning at present. Every day at work I am surprised by what work pants I am wearing on that particular day. You see the fastening arrangement changes every day. One day two trouser clips, the next a button, then two buttons, a button and a trouser clip close together, three buttons (! - very bad if I am in a hurry cos buttons flummox me!), a long flap with two buttons and a trouser clip, a long flap with one button and a trouser clip.... So many combinations and every time I walk into the toot it is like a brand new discovery. Oh, these pants! You would think I'd have worked it out by now but no....

Whilst I am on the subject of bizarre things (was that a bad segue or what?), what is it about non-stick cookware that makes stuff stick so well to it? One of the guys at work spends a good 10 minutes unsticking stuff from the toasted sandwich maker, which has a nonstick surface that loves a good bit of cheese or the sauce this particular chap uses. It loves the muck so well that it won't let go of it without an out and out battle. The 'non-stick' bread pan at home? Ha! I couldn't get the loaf of bread out of it! Stuck fast! Had to use a metal knife that scraped off half the non-stick coating! Then I had to take the crust off the bread cos I wasn't eating whatever the non-stick coating is made out of....

So why is non-stick cookware stick cookware? Should non-stick cookware have to demonstrate its non-stickiness before it can be sold? I guess if they called it stickware, noone would buy it. At least there would then be a little truth in advertising and marketing.

Oh, knitting content? Well, there has been some but the light is dismal and the sock is almost up to where it was - nearly at the heel, only half a colour repeat to go, and I've knitted another mitred square for the John Glick project at Knitty Gritty. Yep I have been slack - haven't done my mailing yet cos I keep losing vital bits and pieces of the stuff I want to send. One day the baggies, the next the contents, then one part of the content, then the baggies again... Plus I have to find out who was the 311th blog commenter. WHoever you are, you get a little something.

Oh, heck! Guess what tomorrow is? Apart from being the 20th of August? Here's a hint. I've had over 10,000 visitors since I put the counter on about a month after my blog started. Thanks to each and every one of you, especially those who have taken the time to leave the odd offering (message ;-) except the two horrible people who spammed me. I've met some great people through blogging (and jeez I would like to do Bilbo Baggins' thank you speech at his birthday party but that would be insulting - if funny :-).

Pictures? Umm, none of them either. Mebbe tomorrow!



  1. Yep I am so having a blogging blah. I dont think its winter for me. I love winter. Its more Knitting burnout almost. After making about 8 to 10 childrens jumpers in the span of about 8 months (as well as beanies and toys) you get a tad burntout ;)



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