So much to do, so little time

G'day all!

I have worked out why I am being so slow to set my yarn webpages up online. Not because I am worried about it.

If I want to do it properly, this is what I have to do:

  • categorise each skein/ball,
  • weigh it,
  • measure its length,
  • work out what needle size to use,
  • price it
  • then spreadsheet all the details
  • then get them onto the website
  • with a good picture

Crikey that is not easy. Especially when I can't get good shots during the week cos the sun is setting when I get home.

Plus I have to set up stuff on Paypal so overseas buyers can pay me instantly and I can send off their stuff quickly rather than having to wait 4-6 weeks for cheques to arrive and clear.

Each skein needs an individual number so I send the right thing to any buyers. I need to set up inventory control and logistics, and that requires a lot of organisation. How me is that?

Or I could just say all these yarns are about this weight and this length, if you want full particulars email me. All of these skeins are $XX each. All of those skeins are $YY each. But I still need to do an inventory and have some form of stock control - don't want to sell the same thing twice unless I have two skeins of it!

Hooray for me, I have nearly finished one of the pastel socks. Doing 7cm (nearly 3") last Friday night was most excellent and now I only have to cast off about 32 stitches and wait to do the afterthought heel. I must finish the cuff of the other sock before I do the heel cos I find that I forget what little mods I tried in the first heel by the time I do the second one.

I had my half yearly appraisal today. It went quite well - I was rather surprised. Instead of feeling like resigning on the spot, I actually came out with ideas about things to do. Most of the ideas disappeared within about 15 seconds cos someone who will remain nameless is not sleeping well and he keeps waking me up too. I must work on my mouth overrun. I am one of those people who work things out by talking out loud. People lose the message in the burble. They hear the reaction rather than the action. So my new motto at work is SHUDDUPA YOU FACE, Lynne! Don't talk unless you have something worthwhile saying and can say it without waffling or being negative. I wasn't negative for a while, honest. But work just grinds you down down down. Be warned - I reserve the right to burble on my blog.

Oh my word - I've just seen the weather forecast for tomorrow. Normally by the second weekend of August we have our first balmy spring day of around 20 degrees and then winter bites back. But nope, no 20 degree days in our forecast! After some recent almost spring like weather, we are in for it. I thought it got a bit chilly last week, but we are unlikely to even reach double digits tomorrow 8-( Snow down to 400m and snow flurries likely in the higher suburbs. That's not the city but I've seen snow falling outside at work. It falls but it doesn't land. Hobart in Tassie, another 400km or so south will have snow in the city! So exciting! Glad I don't live there when the weather is like that! Taswegians, rug up cos I reckon some of you will find it a bit chilly, even those in the warmer north! For that matter Melburnians rug up and those poor benighted people in Canberra, have to take your chunks cos you do live there. Sydney, I am sure we would be very willing to share the cold weather and even a tad of rain! Do I hear a bid from the Brisvegans too?

Enough burble for this evening. Must play with paypal and see what I have to do to set up payment stuff.

Instead of knitty pics or even spinning pics, here's a lovely picture of our poor eyebrowless Nutmeg. Cheshire has a thing about Nut's eyebrows and has chewed them off. Three weeks ago Nut had lovely eyebrows - you can see her set of whiskers is quite impressive - but alas! no longer. Nut is asleep on the bed on the polar fleece cat rug. She loves polar fleece.

And a boy and his cat. Cheshire is Nathan's cat. She loves smooching and snuggling around your face, which Nathan likes but makes me sneeze and wheeze and get interesting itchy lumpy hivey things.



  1. Oh bless, cute photos! And I thought it was only chinchillas that sit and chew one another's whiskers off! Crazy cats :-)

    Glad you had a good work appraisal too!

    Much sympathy re the setting up the online store - but you seem to have covered all of the things you need to do and that amounts to a plan, near enough :-)


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