Almost big knitty news but not quite

G'day all!

Well what a productive day I had! In more ways then one after a run-in (more like run-out) with some yummy but treacherous sausages. I dyed up some yarn in blck and violet - have to re-do it cos the violet didn't get all the bits it should've but it is getting there. I dyed up 200g of merino tops in rainbow colours (my favourites). I spun 50g of merino in 5ply/sportweight and plied it up with a little silk and forgot to take a pic of it, but I have to do another 50g so I'll get pics of that. I signed up with paypal's merchant stuff so that I can use it for my yarn website - I figure that if anyone overseas wants to buy my yarn, having to send me a cheque in Aussie dollars would be a pain in the butt, but paying pretty much instantly by paypal would be much more convenient. OK, so I get slugged 6% of the purchase price but oh well, it just gets factored into the cost, doesn't it?

There is other big knitty news too, but I am sitting on that for the moment.

Pics tomorrow, cos I am tired after craft night and want to go to bed, not edit pics and blog them. I like craft night. I get to see what other people are making and people natter and it is good.

I had a very odd dream last night. I dreamt that one of my friends, whom we'll call Jay M cos that is his name, was an android who was sent to kill me and the only thing I could use to destroy him (due to previous experience with a previous Jay android) was one of my thrummed mittens. I killed the previous one by grabbing his throat with a thrummed mitten and he caught fire without flaming and shrivelled up and went black and fell into ashes and blew away. Only problem was that I was at a huge party in an enormous house/store and someone had taken off with my mittens and my only weapons were only good for warding Jay off, not for killing him. (The weapons? Basically streamers like the ones little girls have on their bike's handlebars. LOL) Nathan was running around looking for the mittens and I ended up leaving my safe place (the entire fourth floor) to go looking for them too. The Jay android nearly caught me but I hid behind a big chrome shelving unit only it was on wheels and I knocked it at the wrong moment. The Jay terminator was not very good cos that should've given me away. The dream freaked me out enough that I woke up. Two weird dreams in two days - very odd!

Next time I should have the results of some spinning and dyeing. And something else pretty special. Enough for tonight. Instead, I bid you



  1. Oh yeah, I've had pretty weird dreams myself. But I'm afraid people would think I'm crazy if I ever told them!

    Can't wait to see pictures of your craft night!

  2. did a pattern of yours get picked to be in the fall knitty? or am i just grasping at straws. i also have bizarre dreams. i dreamt my estranged daughter had applied for a bank loan, and had used me as a reference. now, is that odd, or what?

  3. Cant wait to see piccies.

    I have had some freaky dreams.

    So when are we gonna be able to buy in your shop? I know some people add cost if you wish to use Paypal to cover half the excess fee.



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