The day of stinging

G'day all!

I declare today to be the day of stinging. Why so? Well I have a little nick or cut on nearly every one of my fingers (I did lots of dishes too despite the stinging and cut up onion as well), I have a finger nail that is broken into the quick and I topped it off nicely by being bitten by my car - I forgot that if I stand on the curb, the back hatch is no longer higher than me....

We got a taste of summer today - temps aren't that high yet just in the low 20s with a rampaging northerly wind. The wind is so strong that it bounces my car as I drive along. OK, I have a tinpot little thing but still I thought I had a flat tyre or four the way I was bouncing.

Knitting content? Umm the thecond thock progretheth theth Igorina (Knitty in Pink knows her Pratchett). I also have a really simple wrap on the needles in some yummy hand-dyed silk. The silk is in bluey tones and just doesn't photograph well under artificial light (and it won't do it well in daylight either cos digis do not like certain colours)

So with Spring well and truly on the way, I give you some spring photos. BTW, most of them aren't clickable for a bigger pic - I am feeling lazy today!

first freesia in my garden, creamy
the first freesia in the garden

powder puff wattle flowers
stick type wattle flowers
WATTLES! Yes, Oz native plants. We have lots and lots of native plants so why do I show pics of the things you all know about - daffies, freesias, etc?

pink isopogon
An isopogon in full bloom. Fabulous plants - I like em lots and buy all sorts of different ones and sometimes manage to keep them alive for a while.

red snail grevillea rosemarinifolia
Grevillea rosemarinifolia. Cute red snail flowers, horrid vicious plant with a little spine at the end of each and every leaf. These plants are about to die - we are sick of them as you can't weed under them cos they BITE!

leafy promises
Promises of things to come - one of my old garden roses in shoot.

pretty cat ugly picture
(clickable) An unusual garden ornament - a really shocking pick of Nutmeg on the lattice at the edge of the garage. This is one of my favourite pics ever cos she looks mutant with one little fang hanging out and a fat belly pushing through. She's not fat she's just fluffy!

red lechenaultia
(clickable) And saving the best until last, a red lechenaultia formosa. Kazaam! Pow! Zap! Take that!



  1. Beautiful flora photos. We'll have the Grevillea (spiny-leaf-plant) if you like. It would make a great boundary enforcement plant :-D

    Freesias are one of my favourite flowers, I love the pale yellow of yours.

  2. Spring has sprung! What a neat world that we live in that I can see what your spring garden looks like while my garden is turning its eyes to fall.

  3. the flowers are beautiful! and the cat picture? awesome!

  4. That cat photo is just so cute!


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