G'day all!

Thanks for the messages about horrible drivers of white delivery vans. At the time I was too busy avoiding a prang to get busy with gestures and impolite words. LOL

It has been an interesting couple of days. Yesterday was the coldest day we've had in ages - probably a month. It rained a lot - we got an inch of rain overnight. That was excellent, but we need at least another two inches this month, preferably three to make up for what has been a rather dry, warm winter. The thrummed mittens certainly came in handy because I have the world's coldest fingies. Nathan often calls me Coldfinger, especially when I torture him with my fingers from the crypt. Of course spinning in the cold loungeroom doesn't help. Today was a bit warmer, like 13 instead of 10 (you North Americans are probably splitting your sides laughing).

So what happens when you follow these instructions (have a look around the Southern Cross Knitting website whilst you are there - you might find some stuff that tickles your fancy on the site) and rip apart your silk cap

(seen here doubling as a bright smurf hat on smily smurf and snobby supermodel-wannabe smurf)

into clouds of silk

spin up some of this

and ply it with the ready to spin silk cap?

You get this:

Ah what a happy combination :-)

Plus when you play with 200g of merino tops in the crock pot, you can make things like this:

Lord knows how they will spin up but it was fun dyeing them! Totally unrepeatable too but that is half the joy. Soon enough I will be repeating stuff to make more, more MORE! But for the nonce I like making bright things.

Knitting news soon - major progress has been made on two fronts, not just one! Hooray!



  1. That smurf hat is to die for! Where can I find myself one of those?!?!

    Love the dye job and all the fibers... as usual! :)

  2. maybe i'm the only one in the dark, but what the heck is a silk cap? is it really a hat you would wear? or is it just the term for how the fiber is sold? enlighten me, please :)

  3. Oh no! You've made me want to spin up the rest of my silk caps!!!

    But they're in a box
    in a truck
    soon to be in a lockup in Bendigo.

    Damn :-P

  4. Ooh yes, the smurf hat really suits you ma'am :-)

    Count me in on the list of those who wish to know what a silk cap is!

    BTW I just applied to the UK Knitters blogring, thanks again for the linky :-)


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