Could it be a FO?

G'day all!

Thanks for sending warm. It was quite pleasant today until the cold north-westerly got up (we only get cold northerlies in winter - other times of the year they are hot!). Indeed a few plants have decided they had better put on their spring dresses

The cherry-plum street tree across the road from us. This one is a full two weeks later than one I saw about 20 minutes drive away.

The little magnolia next door. Magnolias have been in bloom for about two weeks as well.

Some of the first daffodils at my place

Looks like spring is not so far away after all!

What do you reckon this could be?

It has been a good week or two for finished objects. Not so good for spinning - it was too cold in the loungeroom to spin for more than about half an hour at a time. I still managed to get a little done - another 50g of purply/bluey/black merino with a little silk slubby action for A2 made up:

Here's a little bit of sock action:

See, there are two of them - distinctly different even though I tried to match the yarn colour changes. Fraternal twins they will remain. That is fine by me. I should find the label to tell you exactly what colour of Trekking XXL they are.

Yep, the pastel socks are done! I used a provisional cast on short row toe, a little ribbing in the cuff, then an afterthought heel. I picked up ideas from various socky websites and then ran off and did my own thing. Thanks to sockbug and stitches of violet for some ideas.

Now for the biggie. Yep, been working on this for ages, then I finally pulled my finger out and concentrated on getting it done. It would be a pretty quick knit if you worked on it for more than an hour a week like I did for two months.

Thanks to the smudge tool on the Gimp I bring you

Ta-dum! The Vogue Jacket! (Scuse the hair - it was blowing a gale practically and I could not be stuffed making the hair sit still)

Pattern details in Vogue Knitting, Winter 04/05. I made the second size and lengthened the arms cos it had 3/4 sleeves and in such a warm jacket I couldn't see the point. OK, so the front opens wide, but with a judicious kilt pin placement, you can close it. This fits like a glove - very snug but I can move around it it easily. I hav eto block the front still, and the collar looks wonky in the pic but it is really pretty good.

Hokey dokey - have a good rest of your weekends - it is work for me tomorrow, Monday morning again. Argh. It will be a bad week too cos I have some training to run, noone to talk to at work cos Helen will be in our NZ office, AND I have no Dr Who to look forward to on Saturday night. Saw the last ep last night and I feel a little gutted. I liked the Christopher Eccleston doctor. Sniffle. Oh well. I can always watch them again. Have to run now - Canterbury Tales is on and it has Billie Piper and Dennis Waterman in it.



  1. beautiful colours on that jacket... it's late summer here, but i love those first early days of spring.

  2. love the spinning you did squeeze in. i'm surprised it didn't frost your pretty flowers, as cold as it got there. glad they didn't get burnt. the vogue jacket looks interesting, and i'm glad you have kilt pins!


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