Rain rain go away

Come again another day.

G'day all!

Today's forecast said fine, 16 and late showers. So why oh why did I wake up to grey skies and drizzle? Possibly because I wanted to do a photo shoot and also fix up some more of the garden. Yesterday was such a nice day - Nathan got into one of the worst areas and started turning a weed and rose in pot bed into a raised bed. Yep, those are foam boxes - one of Nathan's favourite building materials, plus they can grow plants too!

It is very good that we are getting more rain but it was verra annoying too. You see I have finally finished something I've been working on for a while - a couple of months? I spent hours last night and this morning crocheting, undoing and redoing and undoing and redoing (four times on the right front) - yes I am now a happy (??) hooker. Couldn't figure out why crocheting wasn't grokking for me last year. Now I get it - I learnt how to crochet left handed, being a leftie, but was trying to do it right handed. Swapping over the instructions from right to left was easy enough. Plus using a 7mm hook - well how easy is that?

So no pics, though I am sure you can guess what it is, cos it is an it, not a pair.

The only time it stopped raining all day was when we went inside and then decided to go out to a local monstrous shopping centre (mall). It stopped raining then. When we got home and started work on the garden again, wellllll..... down it came again. Mostly on Nathan - I had set myself up under the carport, repotting some of my 50-odd roses. I've done 12 now, only umpteen to go!

Have a look at what I found in a little pot with William Shakespeare 2000 in it:

Yum! Desiree potatotes! Very nice ones too - no potato scab or anything! We ate them in dinner. Didn't know that roses grow potatoes!

Hokey kokey - time to work on my yarn page a bit more. I am being very slow, presumably because I have what an ex-boss of mine called Issues (tm - note it has a capital i and has that little extra stress on *Ish*-shoos). What if people like it and want more but I can't provide? What if they DON'T like it and I have all this stuff that I won't be able to use in the next however long? What about postage - the local post office has queues almost literally out the door at lunchtime and you can be queued up for an easy half hour and I hate spending my lunchbreak in the post office, but the Pack and Send downstairs never has queues but costs $2-3 more and tends to be slower. Fuss fuss fuss - stop fussing woman and just DO IT!



  1. How is it possible that people will not like your handspun! Look at it from the perspective that you're doing this as an extension of your hobby/obsession (delete as appropriate :-), and you can only produce x amount of yarn at any one time. Make it very clear on the site it's limited quantities cos' hey it's only you making it, not an army :-) Enjoy what you're doing and don't worry about it :-)

  2. Haven't you heard of tuberous roses?

  3. Anonymous7:36 pm

    I'm sure people will love your yarn - I think it all looks gorgeous. As for the postage drama - why not use pre-paid satchels. They come in two sizes/prices, are pretty cheap, you can buy them in bulk and just drop them in a post box at your convenience.


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