A sad and sorry tale

G'day all!

Waaaay back in hmm, March? yeah March (excuse the pics of the beesting) I decided to make myself a nice top. I decided to make me a pink top with a noice lace edging.

Well the top gave me woe and grief but I finally had it licked (it didn't taste too good I admit). I finished it in time to wear to the kandknitters' fibre fest at the beginning of June.

Or so I thought.

I had carefully worked out my gauge and altered the pattern to be between two sizes cos that should be fine according to th pattern specs.

Well, here is a shot of the top after I made it up:

Here is the shot of it after I took in a good two inches down the sides....

What the taken in shot does not show is how badly it bunched in the arms and armpits, and how bad the lace looked at the seams. It was just plain bad, ok, and looked very badly seamed and knitted. I didn't LOIKE it! It looked like I was wearing a badly fitting pink bag with lace around the bottom.

This is how the top looks now (except I didn't leave it outside on the grass):

See how I punish bad tops? I RIP them and put them out on the grass to photograph to show off how BAD they are! (I would not have been brave enought to do this if my friend Karen had not said she has frogged whole jumpers cos she didn't like how they worked out.)

I've been threatening the Vogue jacket with the same fate but so far so good....

So when have you frogged a whole top or at least made a severe dint in all that knitting effort you put in?

One final shot for this evening. This little baggie has gone a wandering from Melbourne Australia, right up to near Blackpool in England, to live with KnittyInPink. It is part of her wedding present (next Monday, 4th July, American Independence day - strange the Brits don't celebrate it. LOL). See the baggie was admiring the view from my office before it cruelly got shoved in a post pack and kidnapped by the post.


PS. Oh yeah, when I get annoyed by pop-ups, I don't mean links and pictures you have put in your blog, I mean those annoying automatic pop-ups that load with the page, not that I know exactly what the pop-ups do cos Firefox blocks them automatically but jeez do they stuff things up on occasion!


  1. Naaww, I usually frog things because they look dismal or worse when applied to the ageing and expanding bod!! I actually dug out the SanFrancisco Shirt-tail the other day, and discovered it closer to finished than I had remembered. (BTW, after you had got me the 2 extra balls for it, I had to send the kid to get 2 MORE balls - Cleckheaton's yardage is WAY under). So I finished sewing up the last bits of seams (mostly done with yarn ends). Body is great, sleeves are AWFUL!! Hideous job, but they have to come out and get redone somehow - otherwise it'll never get worn, and I need another real wool jumper!!

  2. Oh deary, I certainly have frogged entire sweaters before. The best was when I was making a Dale sweater, in the round, with about 250 stitches and about a quarter of the way up realized that I had twisted the round so that it turned out to be a giant mobius. Many foul words came out of my mouth that day!

  3. I havent had to frog a whole jumper yet. I think I would cry if I had to! lol..Wait..I have, but they have been opshop bought things that I frogged to get the yarn from them! lol

    The bag looks great to! Hope the recipient loves it.


  4. The baggie is fabulous! I likes it! It is my precioussssss :-) I love the photo of it looking out at the city. Maybe it will have some more adventures soon :-D

    As for knitting mistakes, I've admitted to one with the ever so simple scarf I just finished. Somehow I did one row too many so the stripes are a tiny bit back to front near one end for a couple of repeats. That is knitting when tired for you! The eyelash yarn is quite forgiving though (needs to be LOL!)

  5. looks like a beautiful top.. Ewwww frogged!!>???


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