Wa-hey! Two milliseconds of fame

G'day all!

Well well well (three holes in the ground - old joke in my social circle.)

You can find the link to the Age here but you'll need to register. My sock is famous! It is right up the front and so is my hat, my lovely handspun stripey hat! You can also see my current small project up the back on the pink needles, and my candy hat is a blur in the centre. The second sassy stripe sock was in progress - I knitted quite a bit of it whilst the shoot occurred and lucky me didn't have to rip anything bar the cast off, where I got a bit over excited. Can you tell which one I am?

I was excited by seeing us in the paper, the best paper in Melbourne though it doesn't have the circulation of the tabloid competition. OK, I nearly jumped up and down on the train when I found the article in the news section, not in the lifestyle part. I did manage not to giggle a lot. I showed lots of people at work. I have a second copy of it too so I can stick one up at work and have one here to show anyone stupid enough to walk in the door. The last time I was in the paper I was 8 and in the "tiny tots" netball. I was "small" and very blond and cute then.

Umm, what else happened today? Not a whole lot. We found out one of the girls at work had a red hot go at chopping her left index finger off whilst cutting open a passionfruit. She may need surgery to repair the damage. That is more than YOWZA! I would've fainted on the spot knowing my capacity to deal with my own blood. With this in mind, tonight I had a go at cutting off my finger whilst cutting up the chicken but I failed miserably. Despite using the second sharpest knife we have, there is hardly a nick and certainly no blood. Just as well, though it was on my right hand, but I can't imagine not being able to knit and spin for MONTHS! That was the boat the poor knitting doctor landed in. Ouch!

No great knitting progress today - another 12 rounds of thrummed mitten on the train. Lost the stitch marker that marks the beginning of the round, then found it half an hour ago when I got my lunch bowl out to wash - the stitch marker was sitting there happy as you please. Yay not lost after all stitch marker!

I leave you with some pics. We had a frost yesterday morning. Anyone from a place that has real freezes will laugh at this picture of a pumpkin with a dusting of frost but remember this is only about 3 metres from the house:

And here is the third stem of jonquils to start flowering. They are going off a bit early cos they started in May. You can see that since our winters are so "mild" (tell that to someone from far north Queensland where it NEVER gets below 15!) we also have active slugs and snails all year round:

Finally, a shot from our drive on Saturday. Row row row your boat....

Oh, yeah, I'm getting a bit ticked off with all these popups that people have on their blogs. They either crash my browser (Firefox) or they make it work overtime in blocking the pop-ups. Cut out the pop-ups people! Expecially the person who has TWO pop-ups on their blog who did a course recently with Lynne Vogel and has many beautiful pics of lovely rovings on their site but the two popups are killing me and I can't even look at your site! Do you need them? Are they suppoed ot make you money or do amusing things? Do you really need them? Do you wnt to attract readers or chase them away?

(from the opinionated knitter, spinner and blogster)


  1. Yay Lynne and the stripey sock (and the hat and other fantabulous stuff!).

    Thanks goodness Blogger does not have popups eh! If it did I'd have to work out how to have my blog on my own site, so consequently it would never get done :-D


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