uh-oh - I feel a budget blowout coming on

G'day all!

Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate them and am/will be off to your blogs to leave little presents behind..... (Karen - I'll be in touch)

I found out about 10 minutes ago that Addis come in bamboo! Oh gods, no! I invested in a number of addi turbos last year after various people raved about how good they are. I was disappointed, quite frankly. Two of them were very rough around the join of the cable to the needle and they all are a bit too short for my hands, which makes my hands cramp. Metal needles tend to make my hands cramp in general, so if I want cramping hands, why not pay $5 or $6 for cheap metal circs instead of $11 to $25 for addis?

But being a sucker for punishment, and wanting to learn how to knit two socks at a time on circs, I have discovered these (I can guarantee that link won't work forever). At a good price too as far as I can tell. 2.5mm addi natura circs. I need me two of them. I think I'll have to work out how to get them into the budget.

Does anyone know of any other bamboo circs that come in small sizes?

Ah, just remembered the Wool Baa has lots of circs. Hmm, the price will be about the same, but I can actually drive to the Wool Baa in about half an hour on a really good day. I can't see my car driving to Singapore in a hurray - he'll need an awfully long snorkel to navigate the sea bed with (and I'll need some sort of portapotty and a brick to keep on the throttle so he doesn't slurp up some water through his exhaust). Plus it will take 2-3 weeks for shipping from Singapore (which is silly - I reckon it will take less than a week cos I can hop on a plane and be there in about 6 hours and no stupid US customs/UPS interface is involved and Amazon stuff sent from Singapore takes less than a week).

The Wool Baa is looking really good at present :-) But I will have to wait until the morrow if I am to be bad because they are not open at 20 past 10 at night! Shock and horror!



  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one in a big old needle quandry. I like the Addi Turbos for some things, but not cotton, but then again, I don't really like cotton anyway. They kind of suck for lace as the tips are pretty blunt. I do like the slickness of them for straight knitting though. Now the Balene II's have great tips for lace, 'cept everything sticks to them. Ugh. Crystal Palace makes shorter bamboo circs, as does Clover I think.

  2. Isn't it annoying when bricks-and-mortar shops aren't open in the middle of the night - we are so used to buying stuff on the internet at strange hours of the day and night now :-)

  3. Love the yarn in your last post. Its fantastic! You have me totally jealous!


  4. I tried Addi turbos too, and also didn't like them. Too slippery and made my hands ache. So I have used both the Addi natura and I just got some Crystal Palace 26 inch size 4 circulars, that feel much like the addi natura's to the touch. It's long enough for the 2 socks on 2 circulars, and other stuuf like hats and sleeves.


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