I'm still here but my hard disk ain't

G'day all!

Well it is nice to be back. Hello to y'all. Hope you missed me but let's face it there are plenty of spinny knitbloggers out there and I am just one of a thousand or two and not terribly talented at that.

So what's been happening here?

On Thursday I asked Nathan to replace the hard disk in my computer (technically my FiL's G4 mac). The old disk had been dying for ages and I was getting concerned.

"This won't take long," says he of great confidence.

After two hours, she of little confidence was getting extremely twitchy. 'I'm just upgrading your operating system to the latest version of Ubuntu," he says. "It works ok, now I'll swap the disks over."

Two days later, he finds a program that will hopefully read the hard disk with all my data on it, the old disk that died when the machine was switched off so the new disk could be put in and the old disk's data copied onto it.... Had he backed up the old disk first onto his machine? Why now that would be sensible and people of great confidence obviously don't need to be sensible.

On Sunday, he gave up and said here's the machine. It works. It is fine. Go for it!

It really depends on your definition of fine. I've lost all the data I had on it after the 12th of April, which means all the pics from my father's funeral and all the pics of his lodge regalia, etc. I've lost all my bookmarks AGAIN. Except there is a text file back up of ones from December last year, which were the ones I moaned about losing in December when my darling upgraded my system. I've started setting uo the preferences the way I like them again.

I can say this much - this blasted version of ubuntu better run ok cos I am NOT letting Nathan near this machine for ages and ages unless he promises to make sure *EVERYTHING* is backed up and will do something really radical if he stuffs up my machine again. Like wipe all his own preferences from his machine and have to start from scratch on his bookmarks and stuff. Nathan says that if he stuffs up an upgrade again, he is going to RUN!

Another "thang fer shure" - when you don't have access to your computer and can't read many blogs over the weekend, you sure get a lot of knitting done on these short winter days. Plus I got a wee bit of spinning done - so much so that I have spinner's limp.

Tomorrow, you get to take a grand adventure as Lynne and Nathan go to the waste transfer station and meet father christmas! Plus I might show off a few pics now that I am fairly sure skrewt (my computer and jeez has it been blast ended recently!) is up and running ok. It isn't the OS that is at fault. It is the yuman (as Carl Sagan would've said) who mucked around with my machine. OK at my request, but I sorta expected certain protocols to be followed.



  1. i'm glad you're physically ok. i was a wee bit worried. and you need to learn to knit and read at the same time, multitasking is the wave of the future (only way i get anything done, lol). as for the mental, sorry about your dad's pics, that stinks.


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