G'day all!

The weekend is upon me. Hooray! It is a long weekend for most of Australia, except WA cos they are different.... We get to celebrate Queen's Birthday, except the old girl was born on 21 April if memory serves me correctly. I guess we get ANZAC Day on the 25th of April so we don't want to crowd the calendar too much.

I am so glad I don't have to go back to work tomorrow. My head is literally whirling from running so much training and doing so much walking between the two sites (my normal workplace and the one nearly 5 blocks away). The last session I had a bloke in there who could not believe that anyone could have any difficulties with the stuff the training session was about. He was very insistent that it all happened this way, but that is not what others in other sessions told me.... It has left me so tired that I just then couldn't find the a key on the keyboard. Egads!

Anyway, onto pleasant things.

Some rainbow coloured fluff:

was this evening spun into singles:

and tomorrow will get navajo plied.

By special request, I give you the sassy stripe sock in all its glory. Right side out:

Inside out (apart from the messiness around the end of the shortrow heel, I really like the inside):

And a closeup of the broadripple pattern, only I forgot to turn the sock right way in. I still really like it inside out.

Natasha asked about pics of my handspun yarn. I am currently collating all the pics I have, and I've realised that recently with it being sunset or outright dark most nights when I get home, I've been slack. I haven't got pics of all the handspun. With any luck I'll be able to do pics on Sunday, when the weather forecast is nicer. It is actually raining on and off here, at last. We have been in a very long drought. My handspun is not exactly designer stuff, not like pluckyfluff's. So far I have been concentrating on learning how to spin consistently. It isn't perfectly consistent yet, but it certainly is usable as an 8-ply (Oz term), DK (Brit term) or about a worsted, maybe light worsted for you Yankees out there. My stuff has so far been about preserving colour runs rather than diluting them, but having said that, I really want to spin up a heap of black merino and ply it with a brightly coloured single.

Finally, I really want one of these. OK it is useless but I reckon it would totally freak the cats out.... and maybe me as well. LOL!



  1. Oooh yummy yarn! Funny Hands..And gorgeous socks (those colours look lovely together).

    I dont understand why WA has to be different from the rest of Aussie with the whole Queens Birthday things. As I tell some of my WA friends they are just "ODD" people ;) Poor DH of mine has to work like he does all weekends.


  2. Love that sassy sock!!!! Inside or out! And the spinning looks wonderful - I think that hand is kinda neat - very Adams familyish.

  3. Your handspun yarns are lovely-jubbly. Thanks for the pluckyfluff link, I have just been drooling there! There is something deeply fascinating and inspiring about handspun. Please convince me I don't want a spinning wheel!


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