Egads - an almost finished object

G'day all!

I have been holding out on you. I finished the pink top over a week ago. I put it on and discovered that it is about 2 sizes too big for me. I worked out my gauge, did the maths and made a top that totally swims on me. It looked like a large pink sack with lace edges.

So I sewed the seams in somewhat and that made it better but not perfect. Then I wore it for half an hour without having washed it and it ITCHED! But it is tencel and acrylic! It can't itch! It is soft synthetic, not orrible rough stuff. Plus I started to fry - it was terribly warm.

So I washed it to hopefully get rid of the itch

And it didn't dry in three hours of sitting outside on a windy day, unlike every other synthetic thing I've ever made or worn.

I tried taking pics to show you its ummm errm uncommon beauty and not so good fit but I was so disgusted with the quality of the pics (general lack of focus, my inability to aim and the bathroom mirror turning out to have so many smears as to look like a bugsplatted windscreen) that I deleted every last one and the folder they were in. Plus the thing was still damp and a bit icky to wear.

So no pics yet. I need someone to take the pics for me, but DH always disappears about 10 minutes before I want him to do something for me. I think he is prescient or something.

Back to w*rk tomorrow. I must get my cv back together and do a resume (never knew they were different) and start finding jobs again.

I am still working on the spinning page, never fear, but am being quite slow cos I have to take more pics of stuff and make sure that every yarn is measured in length, thickness and weight. That takes time, as I am discovering!

A pic for you of our little Nutty. Cheshire has been very nasty to her recently. Cheshire starts washing Nutty, then suddenly goes for nutty's throat. Yesterday they had a full on wrestling match over the chair they both like to sit in and usually share. It was getting pretty vicious - both of them with their arms wrapped around each other, biting and trying to bunny scratch with the back legs....

So when Nutty found Nathan's acrylic purple fur bed thing, she crawled inside and made herself a little nest and looked sad. Awwww....



  1. haha! Can't wait to see pictures of the pink top. Hopefully the wash and dry will do it some good. Some things just aren't meant to be I suppose. That is some fabulous spinning you've done - I've been wanting to give it a go but am not sure where to start. I need to take a class or something.

  2. Oh my! The pink top has surely been plotting against you. Love the "sad cat" photo, poor little thing!

  3. Sorry to hear about the pink top. What a pain! If the length is right, and you decide you don't hate the feel of it, maybe you could do something drastic like machine overlocking the side seams where you really want them, and chopping off the excess. I know it hates to waste all those knitted stitches, but if you can't wear it as is, then all the stitches are wasted. :-(

  4. Bugger about the pink top! What a right pain.

    My cats do that. They dont seem to like each other anymore. They use to love each other. The last few months they havent.



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