To thrum or not to thrum

G'day all!

I think it may be a bit late for the not to thrum question - I've already done it!

Mitten two is on the needles, although I am pretty sure I don't have enough yarn to finish it. I am getting even more sure as I knit more of it. My cunninge plan at this point is to use some other yarn that has the same purple/cerisey colour to finish it.

(Do you like the length of the grass? After I took the pics I moved a bit of stuff around and then whipper snipped (that's weed whacked) a third of the yard.)

I did manage to get me some lovely little bamboo circs - about $14-something each from the Wool Baa. They are the same length so I will have to make one set with nail polish or something to make sure I don't get them mixed up. Plus they are in US sizes, not proper metric sizes. They look very nice reclining on the grass.

For the etherknitter, here's an iris in bloom today in our backyard. A Louisiana iris I think. It's washed out - a fact of life with digital cameras I've found - despite me playing with the colour balance.

I saw a lot of really nice stuff today in my travels and bought a bit more than I should've. Ah well, it is our fifth anniversary of going out tomorrow and I know Nathan hasn't got me anything.... I have pics but no time to blog tonight. Some would go better in a Melbourne blog - maybe I'll start one of those this weekend.

so anon!


  1. I've never thrummed...I'll have to make some mittens as Xmas gifts this year. Yours have turned out quite nice.

  2. i've found that the flash on my digi cam does horrible things to pictures, but if i wait until the right time of day and just use natural lighting, it makes a world of difference. of course, this being my life where things are sometimes "kooky", taking the flash off also takes the stabilization off. so you can either have blurry, true to color pictures, or sharp, crisp, bright wacked out color pictures.

  3. I love your thrummed mittens! They are absolutely beautiful. I'm quite keen to make a pair myself, your yarn you are using is gorgeous is itone of your won dye lots?


  4. Ooh great colour combination in your mittens. I know exactly what you mean about digicams, they have a horrid tendency to overexpose or at least wash out colour when you really don't want them to. Mine can not always be persuaded it has enough light and the flash fills in automatically.


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