Winter is here, maybe

G'day all!

I think winter might finally be here. Today was the first day we have had a cold northerly wind - for most of the year it is warm, if not hot. Our cold winds usually come from the south-west, straight from Antarctica. Tomorrow we'll experience those Antarctic winds and we'll whinge and moan mightily about them, but be secretly glad because those same winds usually bring the rain we desperately need. We'll be particularly glad about being inside in heated office buildings or homes.

I checked out the new Marta's shop in the city. Ooo err, just as well I have no budget to spend.... Had a good chat with Patricia too. I'll have to take in some spinning to show her.

Speaking of spinning, here's what I got up to on Sunday and Monday:

Stinky rust and green coloured thick and thin:

(it has a slight mothball smell to enhance the smell of acid dyes/vinegar which I adore so I love and loathe this yarn)

And this is a special one, spun up from two totally different lots of tops:

One lot was pink with a little mauvey colour in it, the other varying shades of blue with some mauvey/pink in it. So I spun up two bobbins of the pink tops and slowly blended them into the blue tops. Some of the yarn is heathered - I hope the closeup shows this:

I am especially pleased with this because it has come up pretty much as I imagined it would. Either I am getting better at this or the result was very predictable.

Placename of the day - Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso (was Upper Volta) in Africa. I love that name! oo-a-ga-doo-goo. I'm probably saying it wrong but I love the way it rolls off the tongue :-)



  1. Your mauvey-blue spun yarn is gorgeous! By the way, thanks for visiting my blog. It's so exciting to have someone from halfway across the world leave a comment!

  2. beautiful yarn - what a gorgeous sheen on that pink/blue

  3. Love the yarn! They are both gorgeous colours.

    Its been pouring down with rain down here in Tassie on and off for almost a week I LOVE it!


  4. Lovely, lovely yarn!! You are so lucky - it's brutally hot here, I'm not a warm weather fan, so I'm miserable. I break a sweat just knitting. It's digusting, really.

  5. Lynne, that mauvey-blue yarn is just beautiful. I can't wait to see what you make from it. :)

  6. Just adding to the chorus of oohs and aahs over the blue/pink/mauve yarn, it is fabulous indeed!

  7. I love the yarn you spin - Especially that rust+green one. Purrrrtty...


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