Hey was that the weekend that just rushed by?

G'day all!

What a fab weekend! Though it did go past in one helluva rush. It was a three day weekend and I have hardly anything to show for it apart from a heap of fibre, 2 new circular needles, 10 new plants, a completed sock and nearly two bobbins full of 50% silk/50% merino almost ready to be plied up.

OK, maybe I do have a leetle to show for it, including a whippersnipped lot of back yard and all the tomatoes pulled out (the two tomato plants, despite us not getting any ripe *and* edible tomatoes off them, covered an area around 3m by 4m), only to discover that they have effectively smothered three or four of my favourite roses. Sniffle.

Let's have a lookie at some pics. I haven't set up the Melbourne blog yet, am having enough difficulty finding time for this one! So here's a house in the Albert Park area, one of the better areas south of Melbourne. This house would be over a hundred years old, which is old as far as Oz houses are concerned. It is a Victorian style place:

This house was in Prahran - a typical terrace style house, again about a hundred years old:

But it had something special in the window:

(you can't really see the chinchilla cat inside but the black and white cat is obvious, as is the ceramic sculpture of a cat on the window ledge inside).

OK, how about some fibery shots?

Mountains of the stuff. OK, small mountains more like molehills, not that I have seen real molehills in person-like. Three lots of Jacinta's dyeing (waterlilies and summer pudding) above, then some stuff from the spinners' guild below. The last pic is of a mix of merino with 40% silk. Mmmmmm. Luscious, and I am splitting it into the component colours as much as I can, though it is pretty well blended.

Yesterday, in celebration of our 5th anniverary of starting to go out, we spent driving around the Mornington Peninsula. (Mental note to self - make sure the Ns in peninsula go in the right places...otherwise you end up with a porn blog.) We first met on the peninsula at a FOME camp. We had a very pleasant time, buying a bare-rooted quince and an elderberry from an elderly couple whose son grows and grafts a lot of fruit trees, toodling down to a fibre and art shop in Dromana.

(that's the beach at Dromana, again - it hasn't changed much except there are fewer people in winter and they tend to wear more clothing.)

up to Arthur's Seat:

(noice view! The road up is very popular with people in hot cars and on motorbikes - very twisty. I flogged a clubsport's butt (hot GM car) on the way up. Yay little green car! OK, maybe he wasn't in a hurry.)

through Red Hill (after a quick stop at a native plant nursery), across the rolling, rather English landscape of the peninsula (except for the gum trees everywhere) to Bittern to visit the native plant man there, where we bought a few more plants including a verticordia for me, then up to Hastings:

(I love the reflections and the pelicans. I need to put up an extra page of wavey reflections of the yachts in the water, particularly their masts and rigging, and the pelicans cos trust me I have about 20 pics of them and I love them all.)

and home.

Ok, one last shot of something (almost) completed this weekend - the sassy stripe socks! Yay me! Finished them at the Restore meetup this arvo. There was a photographer from The Age there and there'll be an article in Monday's Age about our SnB group! Yay team! My first SS sock should be right up the front in the pic, along with other bits and pieces of my stuff - I am so glad I took along various bright bits and pieces cos that is what Michael, the photographer, wanted. The meetup was good, and I think I sounded like a know it all, simply cos I have done needle felting and I spin and I can even do a thumb or double cast on and show someone else how to do it. *blush* I don't know it all but I knew enough to make a pest of myself :-) (I'm a bit jealous of Michael cos he has some acres on Kangaroo Island and is going to built himself a place there and have wind power with solar back up - 25kmh average windspeed! Not so jealous now!)

(and if you think there is a subtle colour difference between the socks, yes the back one is pinker and the front one is redder. Only noticed it when I held them up together. Ah the joys of hand-dyed yarn! Also I haven't woven in the ends yet....)



  1. There's gonna be some VERY pretty yarn soon!!!!! BTW, my maternal grandfather was called Arthur, and Arthur's Seat is ALWAYS known to that side of the family as Pop's Behind.

  2. Those pictures are beautiful! Arthur's Seat is gorgeous. Any weekend that includes fiber acquistion is a good weekend, plus a multi kitty shot and pelicans? Awesome weekend.


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