In a frenzy

G'day all!

Tonight has been one of those nights. I was bored reading my lack of emails, so I navajo plied up some stuff I spun last night and I am calling it "homespun" yarn cos it is most definately textured. It has a billion and one 3-4m neps in it, all the way through it. It is not easy to spin and if I find larger lumps I hook them out, but if I took out every last one of these blasted little neps, I'd be spinning this stuff until the day I died (as long as I reach 150)!

The plied up yarn is definately homespun looking but is very soft.

Then I cooked dinner, which meant chopping up a gazillion root vegies and chucking them in a pot and adding a tin of tomatoes and beans and calling it soup. It was quite edible.

Then I spun up the rest (about 50g) of the pink fluff from the pink and blue yarn I showed you last time and then plied it with a lurex thread. Apart from the singles falling apart a couple of times it was quite successful.

Finally, I finished the knitting of a certain little baggie for a certain person I know who is getting married soon. I have to do the finishing touches, but hopefully it will be winging its way to England by the weekend. The rest of the wedding present is possibly going to take a little more time simply cos I can't find one particular item.

No pics today cos I am too slack and have to go to bed soon.

To amuse you, here's a couple of dreams I had last night. I blame a combination of whacko jacko getting off the charges and the room being too warm cos we had turned the heater up cos it is COLD (ok, well above freezing but still COLD - consider us to be poor little Angelinos or something).

I dreamt that our favourite aunt Purl came to visit. There were lots of mixups in picking her up and lots of public transport stuffups (even though I have a perfectly good car). She was tired, I was tired and we lay on the bed and talked and fell asleep and I woke up later on and we were snuggled together and it was WRONG OK? (But it wasn't at my place cos the walls were white and the bed was not my bed but it was.)

Then there was the dream about me cleaning the spider web off the bath (which wasn't at my place cos the bath was white and in the wrong place but it was my place, and the bathroom was white too). It was a huge web that had appeared overnight. I traced the web back to one of those funnelly-type web arrangements and there was this horrid horrid spider waving its palps and legs at me, so I closed off its nest-tube with whatever I had used to clean the web up, and then it kept rushing at me down the tube and being ferocious and then this scorpion appeared in the tube as well - it must've been sharing the nest and it had a totally freaky eye arrangement where it just had a silvery band around its head instead of separate eyes (I guess a bit like ?geordie? from ST). It stared at me and waved its nippers, one of which was big and like a crab claw. Then the final completely freakazoid buggly turned up and I was soooo totally horrified by it that I
a) can't even remember what it looked like, and
b) ran off to the nasty chemical cupboard to find some insect spray, only I didn't have anything but baygon surface spray. Panic!

(I usually don't mind spiders but will kill ones that are known or suspected to be harmful to humans, particularly if they are in areas where I am likely to get bitten. I react badly to bites and stings, which you might remember if you've beenr eading my blog for a while.... Money/garden spiders I carry outside. Jumpies I let jump wherever but shoo them off my pillow. Huntsmans get escorted out the door on a broom. And I usually don't have fly spray in the house but I do like my baygon cos it stops the blasted ants getting in.)

Oh yeah, I finally finished the first sassy stripe sock! I've even cast on for the second one and have totally stuffed up the increases on the toe so I had to rip it back to about three rows off the cast on, which is tricky and horrible.



  1. *jumping up and down with excitement at the baggie news* :-)

    Your dream descriptions have however left me deeply disturbed! I'm the person who occasionally wakes up in bed convinced there is a spider (OK, we only have non-poisonous UK ones, but the big ones are still scary). Not to mention the spider that terrorised me on the sofa last week! (a real one not one born of nightmare).

  2. Aren't dreams just the weirdest things sometimes? I don't remember having spider dreams, but I used to have vampire dreams all the time! Just weird...

  3. I cannot possibly get through the rest of my day without being creeped out by the link to those huntsman spiders. Holy god.

  4. eeeeeeeew..I will kill all spiders that come down to low on the wall..unless they are Daddy Long Legs (they get shooed back up the wall)..but HUGE huntsmen get killed no matter where they are ;)
    Cant wait to see piccies


  5. Jacqui S12:52 am

    have to second that "eeewwww" on the spiders Lynne...just ask M about me & spiders...but I do try to be good and put Huntsmans back in the FAAAAAAAR away from the house as possible - like over the back fence (its OK, we don't have any over the back neighbors, just a railway line!!) and I try to leave Daddy Long Legs alone, coz I understand they eat other spiders - and GOOD ON EM, I say!!! but I cant go to sleep if I know theres one in the bedroom. :(


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