It's beginning to look a lot like ....

G'day all!

Well certainly not Christmas around here. Lovely day today, though high cloud rolled in and spoiled the sunshine.

Thank you all for your opinions about the appropriateness of saying thanks. I appreciate the different thoughts you have. I am going to go with something Sharon suggested. The person is most likely clueless. That does seem rather possible. LOL.

On the way home last night I dropped off my scarves for the Melbourne Scarf Festival. I nearly forgot to do it too! I was in such a hurry to get out of the door at work - I just could not stand being there for another minute! I raced out the door and realised that I had a bag of scarves in my hot little fist. After a mad dash to the post office for a pre-paid envelope (in case some/all don't sell), we were set!

I just realised that I forgot to take a picture of the feather and fan or old shale scarf after it was blocked. The pattern showed up a lot more after that. Instead of having the openwork/yarnover part form the middle of the pattern, I decided to have the shell shape dominate the pattern. Looked pretty good I thought! But you will never know cos I forgot to take a photo, and I will forget in time.

I could just do another one....

So I put in four scarves, the red, blue and green handspun old shale/F&F, a handknitted (as opposed to knitted on needles) chunky wool scarf in blues and greens (made from Hawthorn Cottage yarn which I can't seem to find on Google or anywhere else anymore):

The black and multi-coloured mohair scarf I showed a couple of days ago. And this shaggy scarf, after the fashion of Knitorious's daughter, Katie:

I am so ashamed that I knitted a Collingwood coloured (black and white) scarf for the exhibition. You see I barrack for the mighty Demons, the Melbourne Football Club in the Australian Football League. I was born and bred a Demon, yet I made a scarf in the colours of the Old Enemy. I can only say that there was mauve/lavender in the scarf as well but it doesn't show up well. This is the scarf I submitted for the major exhibition part, not just the sale alley. Vicki, thanks for sharing your pics all those months ago!

Yesterday was very average. I am not enjoying my job, especially since we are in a lull before the next storm hits. I hate having to do make work and then suddenly drop everything and work hard on stuff. Thursday night was good - our weekly craft night. A bunch of us get together and natter, and some of us knitter too. ;-) Gibbering picked me up and we drove all over Clayton and Oakleigh and Mt Waverley to pick up other people and pick up dinner and get to where we had to be in a very small car with not much go and not so good brakes. We had such a fun time! LOL I really enjoy our craft nights. Thanks A2 for hosting this week!

Today was ok - I drove in to the handweavers and spinners' guild open day and had a look at various things but let's face it, I don't need to buy someone's beautiful handspun lap rug for $150 cos I can make my own. I came home with some alpaca tops cos whilst I have lots of alpaca fleece, I have to card it and that means I get a woollen yarn, not a worsted and I want to see what the difference is and whether alpaca is always a bit fuzzy when handspun.

Tomorrow morning I and three friends get to go to the handknitters' guild annual fibre fest! Hooray! Looks like about 10-15 vendors will be there. Which reminds me that I have not taken any $$$ out. Ooooooops! I will be getting some Lorna's laces - I ordered it two months ago and was told it would not be here until September at the earliest. HA! It is here already. I can kiss goodbye to 125 smackeroos straight off! Ouch! There goes a lot of my budget!

Here's an amusing pic for you:

These are nice ripe tomatoes in my garden. These are the first ripe tomatoes we have had this year. You might think it a bit early for ripe tomatoes, but I am thinking it is about six months late - if the weather is normal we should get our first ripe tomatoes in January. So it is now winter here and guess what? Ripe tomatoes at last! LOL!

My DH honestly is a much better cook than me, but until this incident:

I had no idea that it was possible for someone to not know how to boil an egg. Or even the last three (edible) eggs in the house. Now he knows that he should put the eggs into the cold water and heat it up gently, not toss the eggs into rampaging boiling water.

Finally, a nice sunset from the other day. Very gentle sunset. Hey, the sky was clear! It only cleared up late in the day I am sure cos we have had very grey dull weather recently. Not even a lot of rain.

So until I return with tales of derring do at the fibre fest,



  1. Your tomatoes ARE very late for Australia but they look nice and juicy. (Here's hoping).


  2. You can apparently get Hawthorne Cottage at The woolshack - - and this is their actual website - - but it's fairly useless in terms of interactivity or being able to navigate it.

    I'm so glad I had to miss the handknitters orgy - uh, market - due to sitting through a flute comptetition with DD - my yarn budget is already into negative figures!

  3. The Scarf Festival has a 2-page spread in this month's UK "Knitting" mag! I am now pouting because I can't go :-D Why do they insist on showing us things we have no hope of seeing, the swines! It looks like a lot of fun. They also mentioned the beanie festival ...


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