A solstice picture, if you will

G'day al!

Picture some sassy stripe socks. One incomplete but with the heel turned and the lace started. Picture some handspun yarn in various colours. Picture a trip to the waste transfer station and a meetup with father christmas. Picture all sorts of things.

I lied. I am such a bad blogger. I lied when I said I would have pics for you today.

Because I have a new and better and updated version of my operating system, I can no longer just plug the camera in and have it automatically show up on the desktop. I love the way things get better with new versions of software.

Of course I don't know how to get the camera to even plain mount (yep, that is what they call it under linux, mounting a file system, which makes me thing of words like serve as in a stallion serves a mare.... but that is just my mind, don't mind me!). As I took Nathan off to his weekly choir rehearsal, he said "Oh I could've just mounted it for you but it wouldn't automatically mount." This is after he's spent 15 minutes trying to get it to automount. Like he has plenty of time to fiddle tomorrow but now I can't blog with pictures!

Sigh. So apologies. I am starting to get to the point where I have had it up to (imagine a picture of me waving somewhere over my head) here with technology.

You'll also have to imagine a picture of a lovely big solstice moon, and this one will forever be only in your mind cos I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it. It keeps raining tonight, which is good because we so need lots of rain. So far this month we've had about 55mm, which is putting us well in the running for average rainfall, unlike the rest of the year. Rain at night is good. Rain during the day is bad cos I tend to get wet even though I now have my brolly with me (eek, it might be in the car rather than in the bag - better check that!).

Happy solstice to you all, whether you be having your shortest day like us in the southern hemisphere or your longest day in the northern hemisphere. There won't be any dancing naked around bonfires here tonight painted in woad or raunchy orgies, especially no frolics in the woods cos a) it is blasted cold and b) the firewood would be all soggy and c) we don't have woods, we have bushland or bushland/forests and d) it is illegal to have bonfires here and e) the woad would run in the rain most likely and f) woad is considered a noxious weed in Oz. Maybe I should run around outside and bang lots of pots and stuff to make a din to encourage the sun to return (???), but no, that is to chase away the dragon that is eating the sun during an eclipse, isn't it?

I guess we'll just have to make our own fun instead!

Oh, one final alert. I will be putting up pics of various bits and pieces of my handspun at this site shortly. This is not a permanent home for my yarn page, just a temporary one whilst I get things sorted out. I've lost at least a third of the pics of my yarn so please be patient whilst I redo the pics (may take a while cos I need to do them in daylight - the flash and/or fluoro lighting does not help me get accurate pictures of the yarn). Hopefully I'll have a basic page up within a day.

Maybe, just maybe I will have pics tomorrow. Cross fingers?



  1. Crossed my fingers for ye!

    The yarn pics are great, I love all the blues and pinks and mauves.

  2. Please don't get the sun back too soon - WE NEED THE BLOODY RAIN!!! BTW life here is NOT Good - Car is DEAD!! - long story short - Tim had car last night, water pump developed leak, Tim finally notices temp gauge in the red, RACV called, towed car to fix-it place - result blown head gasket/cooked motor! I shall remain vaguely civilised and not do illegal things with carving knives, as now that he is married, SHE gets the insurance money, not me!! This is the second car of mine that he has killed in 12 months. I am taking max doses of ALL the pills, - having checked extensively, none of them either alone or in combination, will kill me - bummer!! Moral of this tale - NEVER have kids - they are more trouble than they are worth, trash your life/career/health/finances totally, are the ultimate money sink, and should they inadvertantly occur, should be put down at birth if not before!


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